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Stroller help rent or buy??


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My. Current stroller took a poop on me today. I am leaving Sept 12 thru 21st. I Need opinions on where to rent or just to buy. My dd is 4 son almost 2. I don't use double strollers at home but want to bring one to Disney. Opinions and experiences would be great Thank you!
I would rent. The ones Kingdom Strollers have are so easy and convenient to push, fold and maneuver through crowds. They also include a parent console, rain cover and cooler bag.


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I second the rental from Kingdom strollers, but consider maybe a single instead of the double. The double is big. And the kids may want to walk some of the time. Just a thought. Enjoy the trip!
i rented from magic strollers. My trip is also in september my son is 3 and daughter is 1. I got the double stroller, we also have my 7 year old niece with us so we can alternate them when tired. It might be hard to push but better than carrying a backpack and having no where to put things during the day.
I just used kingdom strollers in August, they deliver it to front desk of hotel and when you leave, you leave it at hotel for them to pick up. I got a double stroller for my 7 and 5 yr old, would do it again in a heartbeat


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If you are flying I would seriously consider bringing your own for the airport with 2 kids that age. It's much easier to navigate the airport if you aren't trying to keep the kids in check.

At 4 we didn't use the stroller much. I wound up getting one on clearance that I could use that was smaller than the strollers the rentals offer, yet still had storage and a tray. I found some great deals on used strollers as well for others in my family. We used that stroller for about 4 years before it was time to be done with them (age 5 was our limit for strollers - older than that, they had to walk).