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Stranger Things: Season 3

Mr Ferret 88

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Premium Member
I'm starting episode 4 right now. Man, I love this show. Anyone else been watching? I know it just came out but I'll be done by Saturday afternoon.
Part way through episode 3. Will check back in when I am finished as don't want to accidentally catch a spoiler.

Princess Leia

Well-Known Member
I have 10 minutes to go in the season (I was too tired to finish it last night). The level of gore this season kind of shocked me, for a TV-14 rated show.

Going to get nitpicky about a character in the spoiler tag.
What a waste. You could have removed his character and the plot would have remained the same.


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won’t spoil anything, but i found this season to be a bit of a drag & slow build up. with 8 episodes to work with, i felt like it took too long to get anywhere. i did enjoy the last 2 episodes though.


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not a spoiler by any means, but it took me a few days to get the neverending story song out of my head
😆 I'm STILL singing it & I don't even know the words! I absolutely love the show and am contemplating re-watching this season. The summer that it takes place was the summer between my Junior and Senior year in High School and I remember it fondly.
The only thing that bothered me was Nancy's necklace. It's the exact one that I got DD for her birthday this year and we didn't wear jewelry like that back then!
Finished last night.
It was so stressful yet fun to watch lol.
I cried more than once.
I love these characters.
Thank you for giving me more Erica!
Also anyone else think Hopper sounds like Harrison Ford?
Can't wait for season 4. Certainly hope it doesn't take 1yr7mos to come out!!!
They said they are cutting back on smoking for season 4.
I am definitely late for Season 3. I have to catch up but I have so much activity on-hand this week because of summer.
Its only 8 episodes so once you get started it won't take too long to watch it all.
I'm not one for binge watching so it took us several days. We just made time to watch one here and one there and then we had a few hours the one night to just finish them.
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