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Strange Country Bears video


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I posted about this on Reddit but figured there might be more people on an old-school dedicated forum like this one that would appreciate this…

So I found something a bit odd on Youtube. This is a video of the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown show that ran from 1986 to 1992 in WDW and to 2001 in DL, except…. a good amount of it looks to possibly be a recording of some sort of Imagineering test run?? Not sure what else it could be really. There are points in this video during Wendell and Teddi Bara’s songs, as well as in the Henry and Gomer bit leading up to the Sun Bonnetts’ entrance, where the center stage curtains are fully open, exposing the Five Bear Rugs in all their frozen, inactive glory! And then the curtains are shut for the Sun Bonnetts’ actual song (in the show as seen by guests, the curtains were open to show the large projector screen). The lighting throughout is also very flat and plain, not real show lighting, except for at a few points where the uploader has cut together this footage with a some from an actual show recording. Anyone have any insight into what this is?

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