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Rumor StormTroopers at Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, new star wars show??


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Hi everyone I am not sure if this have been post yet, but I was looking at MyDisney Experience map and i found some really small stormtroopers at DHS map. Most of them are at star tours but I also found one in Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, does somebody knows what are those??
I know it is a big jump but can these maybe mean a new show to replace Indiana jones for the 50ths?




Sory again if this was already post!!


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Good find! I think those have been discovered before and are assumed to just be little Easter eggs of the upcoming Star Wars Land.
I was searching for the star wars speeder infront of star tours and see that they don´t put it on the map


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too bad they're not doing the Star Wars/Indiana Jones cross-over show like they did that one time...can't remember the name of it

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