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I have been a fool y'all. I have sat here and read trip reports that detailed the struggles of traveling/vacationing with family and truly thought that I would never face that issue.

Did I have plenty of drama and issues with my OWN family growing up going to Disney during my childhood? OF COURSE. But it feels so different when it is your own flesh and blood. So.. this TR is going to be an interesting one. But just know.. Ian (my husband) and I looked at each other at the end and said "I can't wait to come back just us".


When: January 29 - February 4, 2020
Who: ME (Annie), my husband Ian, his twin brother Nate, SIL Kristy, nephew Jaxon, Kristy's parents Dicky and Julie and Kristy's niece Aubrie


Why: This trip was all about Jaxon's first trip to WDW. It was Nate's first trip as well! The rest of us had all been at least once.
Where: If you read my PTR, you know that we were upgraded from AS Sports to AKL! It was a fun surprise and one that everyone was very excited about.

Are you all ready to stick with me even if every day wasn't sunshine and rainbows and magic?

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Am I really first for two new TR today? ;)
Oh I’m so in! (I’ll keep any eye out for myself in your pics too. 😉)
Count me in! Hope you are feeling better!
I'm here ! Also - hence the reason my Mom and I are usually alone :joyfull:
Can't wait to follow along!
Here too! 🙋‍♀️
Soooooo ready for this!!!
I’m probably not in any of your pictures either. :arghh:
I'm in for the ride!
Here!! This sounds interesting!!

I had a delayed start to work (I work at a university) due to a snow storm .. sat down and answered emails at 11 and NOW only 30 minutes later -

Let the report begin 😂


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Wednesday, January 29th 2020

The day finally arrived!! I should not have been SO ready for a vacation already (the university closed for 10 days during the holidays/New Year), but I definitely WAS and Ian was too.

We are fortunate to have my parents who live in the same town as us coming to stay at our house and take care of our dog, Gus! He was pretty sad that we wouldn't be together for the Super Bowl, so I got him a special treat in advance


The best boy!

We live in Maine, and flights out of Boston are always HALF the cost of flying out Portland. The rest of the group preferred paying the extra cost for the ease of being close to the airport with kiddos, so we were on our own. Our flight was at 6 AM, so my dad came to pick Ian and I up at 2:30 AM.. HAPPY VACATION 😂

Luckily, we were excited to be headed to our happy place, so it wasn't too painful.


Ian was doing last minute packing at 2 AM which drives me INSANE!! To give him credit, he never seems to end up missing any items!

The drive in was pretty quick and before long we were at Logan. I so appreciated my dad helping us out. He had been hospitalized with undiagnosed issues the week before and ended up scheduled for gallbladder removal surgery for February 6th. I am VERY close with my mom and dad, so I left for this trip a bit worried. Just as an update - the surgery went perfectly and he is on the mend!! :)

Ian and I got in the very short line at security. It was at this time that I made the discovery I mentioned in my PTR


What is this photo missing? MY APPLE WATCH! I wear my watch ALWAYS. At home when not on vacation, I work out 5-6 days a week. (about 8 years or so ago I lost 100 pounds, so I'm pretty diligent). Having the watch at Disney helps with my mental gymnastics of YES I am eating quite a bit but also LOOK AT ALL THE CALORIES BURNED.

I asked Ian if he thought I should text Kristy to pick it up from my house on her way to the airport later. This was his face:


Despite that glare, I messaged Kristy and asked! Worth a shot, right? I knew she was asleep but crossed my fingers.

I asked Ian for the first, very tired, selfie of the trip


Let's get on this plane!!

I have started booking our plane tickets and selecting seats differently in the past few years. We are both curvy folks, and at least like the window to lean against on the flight. SO - we typically do not sit with each other. We didn't even on our honeymoon 🤷‍♀️ We spend plenty of time together. Don't you worry!

Boarding went quickly, it was not even a full flight. I hit the jackpot!


EMPTY MIDDLE SEAT! When they closed the doors I looked at my neighbor with a big smile on my face. Now, was Ian sharing in my joy?


Not so much! No worries, he fell asleep right away. In fact, he was snoring a BIT loudly. I woke him up once by reaching back behind me, as I didn't want his neighbors to get too disturbed. Poor guy, we had only 3-4 hours of sleep!

His beauty sleep was once again disturbed when we landed in Charlotte


Luckily, we had an hour and a half until our flight to MCO. Great news, because it was basically lunchtime for us in our sleep deprived world and we needed FOOD. I was excited because I went to college in Greensboro NC, and I remember getting Salsaritas on my campus a few times a week. I got a breakfast quesadillas with chips and queso (I'm on VACATION), while Ian went the lunch route with a Jersey Mike's sub. Apologies for this food photo, I was hungry haha


We made our way over for flight 2/2. This plane was HUGE and PACKED. We were separated once again for our windows seats, but in much smaller spaces. My seatmate had a 2 month old who was so well behaved! An angel. I tried my best to help mom out (with her soda, adjusting the baby, etc.) but I was trying to keep my distance because I was recovering from a cold.

The flight flew by, and eventually we were headed for the fonorail!


Off to the Magical Express!

To be continued...
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