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Still “bridge” tickets?


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I am familiar with bridging tickets to AP’s but with the new ticket prices that have come out in the last year (each day can be a different price), is this still an option? I was considering buying a 10-day from Shades of Green and bridging it to a platinum pass, because we are going twice within a year.
Thanks for you help!

Master Yoda

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Yes. The only difference being that you will get more credit toward an AP if you are buy a higher priced ticket.

Den Carter

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I did a price bridge to an AP last week. They just looked up the retail price of the ticket I’d bought and deducted it from the Passholder price. I did this at the new ticket center at the Town Center at DS. Waited about 15 minutes in a virtual queue, then the entire transaction took the cast member about 90 seconds to process from start to finish. Simple!
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