Trip Report Step Right UP! for the Main Event. Did we Blow Niece and Nephews Minds on their Very First Trip to the World?

As Many of you know, We are on a multi year project. This project is to make sure our 4 Niece and nephews get to see the world. For many years, they have been told " you will get to go to Disney" and it never happened for one reason or another. Finally we were in a spot financially, that we could do it. Lets just say this was a very special trip for all of us, not just to see it through the eyes of a first timer, but due to restrictions etc. We will get into that much more later, on why i feel that this may of been my best Disney experience yet. On this trip we had My oldest niece at 17 years, and about to graduate in 2021. and my oldest nephew at 13. They have heard of our trips, seen some photos, but never got to go for one reason or another.

We live in Tennessee, and they live in Maine. If you read my Pre Trip, nothing went to plan on this one ha! There was covid, then my wife's Nana passed away, and the kids came to stay with us far longer than we had originally anticipated, so it made the big countdown actually better, as they were here with us from June, through now. They will go home this weekend, When my daughter goes home to visit family for her birthday.

To say they were excited doesn't even begin to describe it, as they got to be with us through all the final planning, final shopping, and watching our favourite podcaster weekly.

The time finally came, and we were to get on the road! Where we are about 11 to 11 hours with the time change back to EST away we tend to leave pretty early to get settled on arrival day. MY daughter and her fiancee had come over earlier on Saturday and got settled ,as they would be here to watch the dogs, and feed the fish and keep the pool going etc. Wheels up was to be 12:00 AM CST Sunday the 9th. I took a quick nap, as i am the driver, and we got on the road about 11:45 CSt on saturday, and got the wheels on the truck rolling Mouse Bound.

My Nephew had found this cheesy joke card deck on one of our prior adventures this summer, and kept them aside for the ride to keep me awake. This really did help, and the 4 of us laughed and Laughed the whole way through the night.

We do our best to avoid Atlanta, so we go down through Alabama, then in through the panhandle over to where I 10 meets 75, and go in that way. it adds just a few minutes to the drive, and honestly to not deal with Atlanta is nice.

We took our truck this time for the extra room for cargo, and room for people, so it was a new experience from the beginning as we had no idea how many miles to the tank we would get, and how many stops we would have to make. Turns out y thoughts of at least 300 miles per tank was spot on, and could likely do 350 before we have to really get gas. We timed it so we could stop and get breakfast one one stop, so we don't loose too much time. All in all we lost about 15 minutes total in food and gas stops.

On this trip one of the changes was our Hotel. We were booked at ASM family Suites, and well Thanks to Covid, they did not open that resort. Disney stepped up and delivered the upgrade of a lifetime. We got moved to Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, in a 2 bedroom Villa!!

We had not told the kids where we were staying for the ultimate surprise, but the GPS as we got there, ruined part of it, but they were still super surprised once we got to our room.

Our room ready text had come while we were still a couple hours out, which was super nice so we could get unpacked before we went to the pool for some lunch and some relaxation. We always spend the day at the resort on arrival day, as after driving all day i cant enjoy a park day.

Once we found parking, and a map to our room, we headed up stairs. We were in The Timon Section, 3rd floor, literally on top of the bus stops, but we drove all week, as it was just easier. More on that to come. Here are some photos i took of our home for the week. First silver lining of a Covid world was this amazing upgrade!

We were a standard view, and had asked to be as close to a Savannah view as possible. We had a great viewing window right outside our door, to the left, and got to walk by it any time we went anywhere. Ive got some great photos to come of that for sure.

My nephew said " this is already more than i expected" and this was just the suite. We had not gone to view the Savannah, or gone to the pool yet. That would be next.

Being an arrival day, we unpacked out suitcases into the dressers, and got situated for the week. Next up we were off to view the Savannah, hit the pool, and relax before we went to the springs for our first dining reservation of this trip.


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Congrats on a successful trip and the next two tentatively on the books! Can't wait to hear about it!


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Congrats on a successful trip and the next two tentatively on the books! Can't wait to hear about it!
Thank you!! Once my daughter gets back from her vacation back home next week we will start potentially planning and booking them.


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Once we got unpacked and changed into our bathing suits, we headed downstairs to the Lobby, and then to the Savannah to see our friends for the week on our way to the pool. Here are a few shots we got at the Savannah!

I ended up getting more photos as the week went on, but we were hot, sweaty, and ready for a dip in the pool, and a Pina Colava!!!

There is a small Savannah section behind the pool area so I grabbed a photo of that before hitting the pool.

Nothing was really out, but it was nearly lunch time so it was hot!

The pool area is so darn beautiful! I was floored! The waterside is super fun too! Definitely tried it a few times with the kids.


We had not eaten anything for lunch, so once we got a bit of a break in the pool, it was off to Maji pool bar for some lunch. 3 of us got grilled chicken salad, and my nephew got the pulled pork. We had big plans for supper so we wanted something light.

Relaxing by the pool and in the resort on arrival day, is the best choice we ever made. It really recharges us for the rest of the week. It also gives us a chance to go and enjoy the springs if we choose. In this case we did have a Dining Reservation for somewhere we had heard so many great things about, and wanted to try ourselves!! Stay tuned to find out where, and really was it all it had been said to be??


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When we stayed at Kidani, we spent way more hours than I can count at that pool. I agree, that pool area is beautiful. Hope you enjoyed Sanaa. Guess I will find out soon enough.


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Alright! Lets do Dinner! So after a bit of relaxing and such, we got dressed up a bit, and headed for the Springs. We had a 6 PM Reservation for the one and Only Boathouse!! We have heard so much from many people about how great this place was, and were set to find out for ourselves!

We got downtown a bit early and did some walking around. Got the Kids first photos of the trip as well!


There appeared to be rain threatening, so we went ahead and checked in to the restaurant as soon as we could.
Isn't it Beautiful?


We were seated promptly, and began to scour the menu.

First up was bread and the Appetiser ( apologies in advance if i make you hungry! )

We went with The Duo Dips and chips, which is a pimento cheese dip and salsa. Needless to say we needed chip refills! This was delicious.
Come to find out it Rain was in the forcast, and we managed to eat our way through the Florida storm. Not saying that the future choices were because of that, but im also not saying it was not the case!

Next up was the Main Course! Everyone kind of knew what they wanted, as we had given everyone the menu before hand to get an idea of what they wanted.

My wife had the Fillet Minon Sliders, and so did my Nephew.


My neice had the "Yacht club" Club, and it was also reported to be delicious!

I decided that i was on vacation, so i got what felt right! I went with the Shrimp and Andoue Sausage Mac and Cheese, add Maine Lobster. ( little side history that im originally from Maine, so i know the difference) It was beyond Marvellous!

bon appetitt!


I Can not begin to tell you how Wonderful this meal was. It has got to be the best meal i have ever eaten. Everyone loved their meal, and compared it all to this one meal all week. The service is beyond amazing as well. Definitely will be coming back many many times. One does not have to twist my arm for Boathouse!

Now it was coming down pretty hard outside, and they were putting down the rain curtains on the deck. so we figured we might as well stay for a bit. We were going to leave after this, and go get dessert out and about, but again the boathouse delivers. We had been told about this item, and since the Blueberry cheesecake is not on the menu currently thanks to COVID, we just got one item. Thankfully we did.

Meet Boathouse's Famous Triple Chocolate Layer Cake!!


The photo does not do the size justice. We all had a giant piece with fresh vanilla ice cream, and still had 2 pieces to take back to the room for later.

If you have never been, give it a look. Boathouse was the best meal i feel ive ever eaten anywhere, let alone on Property. Chef Bob is amazing!

After Dessert, the storm had moved on, and we cold start to see the sun set. We settled up, tipped well, and headed off to Goofys Candy Company for my nephew.

How he could think of any food after that is beyond me, but when your 13 your sweet tooth is strong.

He got some candy, and we headed back to the truck just as another storm rolled in.

We headed back to Kidani to settle in for the night, as we were preparing to take them to Magic Kingdom for Day 1 of the 5 park days.

Everyone from travel hit the beds, and passed out for sure.

Stay tuned for for the next instalment and their first looks at Magic Kingdom!


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So excited to hear of your adventures, it seems so long ago your started your pre-trip report and here it's over already!


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So excited to hear of your adventures, it seems so long ago your started your pre-trip report and here it's over already!
I know :( it's so sad, yet gratifying. My wife did mention shed like to go back for Christmas this year, so that's amazing, plus the other 2 kiddos next summer.


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Yep!! I tell you when I called and asked where they were moving us since ASM family suites were closed, and they told me Kidani in a 2 bedroom villa my jaw hit the floor. I was beyond excited. My neice is a huge animal person so the animals really put it over the top.

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