News State of Florida will begin providing COVID-19 testing at Disney's Maingate office complex near to Disney's Animal Kingdom


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3 to 5 business days is not all that helpful? How many months have we had to get testing ramped up??

Unfortunately, unless an entity has the ability/resources internally to conduct their own testing, they are at the whim on the local lab companies. Quest Diagnostics and others have said in hot zones they are slammed. I know some places that have lab resources already (Universities and the like) are adding their own testing capabilities since they already have have.

The real question is how is anyone supposed to administer the test themselves. There's no way I would do it right/long/far enough on my own. The test is super uncomfortable.

Some variations of the test don't require the deep nasal swab, and are contained within the front of the nose only. I'd suspect they are using that type.


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You had to use that word.
You can get a free antibody test with or without blood donation here on the west coast of Florida at any time. If you donate blood they will test and tell you.
But you used that word.......
Wish i could do that in central FL


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Finally catching up with the rest of the world, even if it is a very long wait for a result!

The US has performed six times more tests than the second place country which is India.

I wonder if accurate anti-body test will become a thing anyone can get.

Getting an antibody test isn't difficult, but they're not yet reliable accurate.


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Hopefully this means all of those Equity shows will be coming back soon!!!


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