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Start of Rainy Season


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Our rainiest months here in Central Texas are, generally, April, May, and June. By the time July, August, and September roll around, it’s just hotter and drier than heck.
Central Florida sounds similar in that regard, but, we’ve been there one time in June, and many times in July, when there were some serious storms/downpours. It gets hotter here, but, the humidity isn’t as bad, so, mostly, before the moisture in the air has time to gather and produce rain, the hot sun comes out to burn it off. Not so much in CF, even during those hotter months, as there’s so much moisture in the air.
Crazy thing is, here our average yearly date for our first trip-digit degree day is June 29th…it’s only June 11th, and we’ve already had several trip-digit days…lookin’ like it’s gonna’ be a REALLY toasty summer here this year.

some other guy

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I dunno know if it works in the modern smartphone reservations era, but back in the day the rainy parts of the rainy season was great for getting on rides with no effort
as long as you can handle being wet you could just march your butt anywhere and have no crowds to deal with

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