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News Stars of the new Lion King movie to appear at the Magic Kingdom this weekend


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Well, without a sign on the float, nobody will know who they are.


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I guess if the critic's reviews are anything, they need all the marketing help they can get...
Interesting fact, the distributor (Disney) reduces the marketing when the film tanks in the advanced screenings. They knew weeks ago the box office numbers would be low, so this was probably going to be a bigger event but decided to squeeze them in as grand marshals since they were presumably already booked. (my guess) Edit: after doing some reading it looks like none of these remakes are actually box office failures, so who knows how marketing deals with these movies.
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Will Scar be there? He’s such a good actor, that I imagine he’s a bit of a real life meanie. I sure don’t want scratch marks on my face because he got annoyed with the paparazzi.
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