Stars of television's "The Deadliest Catch" at the Magic Kingdom


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Yeah - what is it about that show?!

I could watch it 24/7 and never get bored - yet, what are they doing? Throwing metal boxes into the water and pulling them out again...1 hour episode at a time!


Me too, I can watch the same episode over and over. When they have the Marathon look out!
I have recently become a big fan of the show since it has been on a ton lately on the Discovery channel...I wish they would go back down there at the end of July so I could meet them!


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They were in PA recently to promote a couple books that just came out. I met Sig and also Johnathon and Andy Hilstrand. The nicest guys and so funny. Edgar was supposed to be there, but I heard he overslept.


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Not really. Sig is sponsored by / endorser for Helly Hansen. HH is a Norwegian company that if I recall correctly has a lot of items for sale in the Norway shop. Seems like a reasonable tie in to me.

There's also Deadliest Catch dvds and a few differnt shirts featuring the logo from their ship the Northwestern for sale in the post-show gift shop after Maelstrom. We got one there last January for a family member who lives in Alaska. I think the HH ones they are wearing in the photo are available there too.


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Its such an interesting show. I remember in high school I was going to actually do this one year because a friend of mine had done it and made a fortune from it. I was packing to head out to the airport and I was told they did not need me. Good I guess after watching the show.

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