Star Wars Weekends returns to Disney's Hollywood Studios for 2015


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For those who have visited the Rebel Hangar during the weekdays, how easy has it been to get in? I'm now addicted to Blue Milk now and I need another glass.
I want to make the blue milk at home... where to get that flavoring!!! Hated the cost of it, but loved it all the same.

Blue milk panna cotta at the fireworks dessert party. Tasty!
Very similar in taste the the blue milk, it was tasty! I might have had 3 or 4... I had to sample almost all the desserts a few times.

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@wdwmagic Steve just watched your video of the Symphony in the Stars and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. Great work! I have to say I was quite impressed with this fireworks show. I hope the new Lucasfilm fanfare matches that of the version heard at the end of the fireworks as this version is a little more fluid and longer.


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I really hope that they pay tribute to this man for his contributions to Star Wars. RIP to a Legend. :(


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Loved the fireworks. Great show. Great music and mostly from the original trilogy. Would have loved to hear some Duel of the Fates though. And I LOVE the backdrop of seeing the Chinese Theater in the back WITHOUT the BAH in the WAY!!!


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And now that SWW is over for the long until the stage comes down? Or will it stay up for the Frozen Summer Fun?


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I haven't spoke to any of the Mulch guys regarding this, but I wonder if we are getting the Icemen of the North back or if it will just be regular Mulch sets? It was OK for me either way as the costumes weren't outrageous and actually seemed pretty comfortable for the weather, and the song sets were almost identical with a few cool addtions ( No pun intended) such as The Immigrant Song, one of my favorites!! Marie


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For what it's worth, I talked to a friend there and it's apparnetly staying throughout the summer under a different name so it can serve as a "Frozen" tie-in
Anything for a buck or five (or ten)... :) I won't be back to the world for awhile but I've got to get my hands on that flavoring.. I can actually see it doing quite well during the Frozen events.

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