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Star wars weekends Drink Specials


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Ok, the past two years we have been to Star Wars Weekends and they had special mugs or buckets. Sold at manyoutside vendors and QS such as r2d2 mugs or popcorn buckets and sofrmtrooper mugs. Does anyone know if/what is available this year?

We are not going, but my bro and sis in law might be going and I'd like them to pick me up a few depending what they are (or if there are any trustowrthy folks here I could buy from and pay shipping :) ). I'd like to be able to tell them what to look for. Thanks!


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I saw in another post a park map for the SW weekends. The 2 collectable containers are a Han Solo in carbon popcorn bucket and a Boba fett drink holder, both look pretty awesome!

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