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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


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I believe today is a Starcruiser day on Batuu. (Assuming the every other day pattern hasn't been disrupted in the past month)

Also, how do they prioritize two groups heading into the same LL?

From my understanding they take Starcrusier guests through an alternate route and they then bypass both LL & Standby.


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Another important thing to note (I don't think today is one of the days), but when guests from Starcruiser are in Batuu, they are prioritized to get on Rise when it comes back up, before LL, and then standby.
In the worst case scenario, RotR is only processing 1,500 people per hour.

There are 200 rooms at the Halcyon, so, let's say 500 people come over from there.

So, if they all showed up at once and were prioritized, that would only be a 20 minute delay for the ride.

But, the guests of the Halcyon show up one shuttle at a time over the course of several hours. Their attendance wouldn't be noticed by any guest normally. Unless, the ride was down and then came back up, and they notified all 500 Halcyon guests to rush over to the ride at once and gave them priority. And again, that would only be a 20 minute delay.


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One of the best POVs I've seen of WDW's Rise in a while. Everything pretty much working with the exception of the cannons.

Probe droid dropping again since Nov 2021, AT-AT room siren and blasters working, Kylo AA in A-mode, etc.

Although that one AT-AT spotlight I've mentioned a couple posts ago in Track A is still out...



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Tonight was somewhat of an accomplishment, my 80th ride on ROTR.

Still thoroughly enjoy all aspect of the attraction. Kylo was in B mode, but not sure how long that’s been a thing.
I rode earlier this week and he was in A mode, has been mostly for the past month or so. Seems as though most of the kinks with Kylo have been worked out. I wish they would fix those canons


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I don’t know if I could go on a GOOD ride 80 times in 2 years…just saying.

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