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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


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Another interesting video showing off more failures for show scenes failing to start:
- Kylo Ren (A mode) fails to start projection scene (everything else works as intended)
- Escape Pod drop scene (lighting, projections, audio) fails to start

Might as well just shut off the screens/projections in the escape pod and make it Tower of Terror 2.0


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This has been talked here numerous times before, but here’s another POV showing the ride with RVs scattered throughout the ride. This was probably filmed last week when the ride was only running half capacity, or just one RV at a time.


The second picture has a bunch of RVs sitting stagnant behind the AT-AT, which if you recall is the route to maintenance.

Source video:

Giss Neric

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An interesting video on Rise showing off:
- Bridge scene failing to start
- Single vehicle operations
- Delayed elevator lift start (distance between next vehicle was somehow closer than intended, vehicle sits on elevator lift for an extra second or two)
- Poe's voice (from vehicle speakers) fails to start in the escape pod

The bridge scene stuck is kinda neat cause we get to hear the awesome soundtrack.

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