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News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


I'm new so not sure if right place to ask this - do you have to be staying in an on-site Disney Hotel to have a chance at the 7am virtual queue boarding group for ROTR? My understanding was that it was recommended to use non-wifi anyway so how does it matter?


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Got my reride in this afternoon. Kylo 2 was down. Anyone know why this effect seems to be out the most?
There were reports/rumors a while ago that it isn't the AA itself, but actually the ceiling prop effect that comes down that becomes immobile.


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So on the app how does the new morning boarding groups work now? is it the same where you click "join boarding group" and its the lock of the draw still if you can get one but now you can be wherever you want to be at? or do you see a time frame you can chose?


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Where things worked about as perfectly as they could have 2 days ago, today not so much. Joined at 7 and the app auto selected my wife and kids, however, my parents who are at a different resort needed to be clicked on, then after that it said my dad did not have a park pass (which he does). I had to remove him and then go back. As you can see that bumped us down the line pretty far. This is great for those who don’t mind be awake at 7 like me but only if everyone is on the same resort reservation. Otherwise I see no way of getting one of the first groups of boarding passes.

Did they make separate reservations and you linked them as friends? I’ve made two room reservations with different arrival times. Wondering if I’ll have the same issue on days the reservations overlap.

Two separate resort and park reservations but we are linked as family and friends. It self populated so I didn’t have to select anyone to join.


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