News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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There's some new info circulating that you may not even need to choose your party now, that it will include anyone else on your friends list. Groups are regularly gone in 12-15 seconds.
The app software was due to be updated yesterday. This option may change slightly again but there is a push to remove some causes for complaint. It may also be limited to groups of under x size.


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Yikes! A lot of effects were broken today it seems. I’ll detail each one of them in the spoiler block:
A lot of screens aren’t working, including the stormtroopers in the first encounter after the probe droid, as well the stormtroopers in the AT-AT room. The tiny screen on the front AT-AT (track A) is also not working.

On top of that, the soundtrack and different audio cues weren’t working either. So in some parts, it was just dead silence and all you can hear are the sound of the RV moving.

With the screens turned off, you can see if the spiny blaster effects are working or not. In which, this also confirms my suspicions from the other day that the they are also not working (again). In the following video, all but one are broken.

Projections onto the walls, AT-AT feet, boxes, etc. were also not working. Oh, and final Kylo is still in B-more after being down since past Saturday.

Edit: I guess posting a link to the YouTube video is disallowed, but it’s there if you search for “Rise of the Resistance is more Broken”
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The app software was due to be updated yesterday. This option may change slightly again but there is a push to remove some causes for complaint. It may also be limited to groups of under x size.
I sure hope so! Just imagine what tour groups will do to the virtual boarding when those groups are able to visit.


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Impressive resume. I will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks. I'm like the @KevinPage of my house. (Crap, you should probably just get him.)

But seriously, I don't think there are many tricks. Just click the Join button from the app's main page and refresh the app by swiping down as you get closer to 10:00 (or 2:00). Once the Join button appears on that page, click it and go. If you do have a lot of friends and family on your list, then you might try to remove them to reduce your time spent scrolling and adding whoever is with you. Though if the rumor is true, then that won't be necessary. I actually did practice at home a few times so I'd be familiar with the process. I hope it works out for you.


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I haven't been able to confirm this, but after the update to MDE yesterday, "that other site" is reporting that any members of your friends and family list that tap into the park will automatically be selected during the 10am/2pm virtual queue process. No more trying to check people off (or deleting people from your list that are not with you) will really streamline the selection process.
If only they had this update out a couple of weeks ago, I would have 24 family members who had a trip of a lifetime instead of a trip of a lifetime that ended on a sour note!


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I have to assume there are multiple B modes in play to reach this goal. Sux for those first time riders but at least the ride was up.
Do they have a walkthrough b mode? That’s the only way I can think of that they might meet that goal. Unless......they are running with their most reliable from the fleet....


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Tomorrow is the big day for us! I’ve been following this thread since the beginning. We will be driving over from Pop and plan to be in line to park when they open the lot. Cross your fingers for me, I’m going to try not to be shaking from nerves at 10 am!!!
Good luck!

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