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News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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It’s not intentional. The ITS is basically a mini-ride itself. It goes down sporadically and comes back up quickly. But they don’t stop loading the ride just because the preshow isn’t working.
If that is the case, CMs should ask if people are OK with skipping this part before moving them on. I'd be willing to wait because it is such a cool part of the experience, not to mention a critical part of the story.


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Out of curiosity, how many groups are they distributing at 7 AM, 1 PM and total?
Seems like on a good day we can get into the 70s before 1. I’ve grabbed numbers in the 90s at 1, so educated guess puts it at around 70-80 in the morning, and another 80-100 in the evening. From what I can tell, they’ll adjust the amount distributed at 1 depending on how the ride is operating that day.


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Just tried from my house. Got "Current booking window is full" and I didn't hesitate at all, was on right at 1. I'm guessing the 1 pm window was reduced significantly today.


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We were at HS Tuesday. (may the 4th be with you!) At 7 am slots filled immediately - no luck. Tried at 1 pm while in park. Got boarding group 170. We were called at 7 pm. No pre-show at all. Were happy to even get that!

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