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News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Was the result ever in doubt?


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How did you know 140 wasn’t the last group of the night, called at 6:24pm, which is usually around when they finish calling for the night.

Or did you just assume that they weren’t done yet and the ride did indeed go down.

For reference, this is what I have recorded.
View attachment 526218

Last night, they were very firm about 125, and would not let me wait all the way back by muppets with the 126. So, my other half took the kids on smugglers run.

When they called 125-140, kids were not back, yet. I also assumed to get rid of the crowd they would skip the pre-shows. Unfortunately, the restart of the ride and 45+ minutes of queue would have made us miss a birthday celebration for my sister at Topolino's. Maybe next time.

On the positive, we did get to experience the ride once this trip. I really enjoyed our time in the cantina. The kids like the shooting - scoring part of smugglers run.

Best of luck in the boarding group lottery.

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