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In other news I just learned last night why there is always a long line for “Joy of Tea” across from the China Pavillion. Surely people are not THAT obsessed with tea when they can be drinking booze in Word Showcase, right?

Apparently it’s to get TIPSY DUCKS 🦆 IN LOVE.

So gonna make time tonight and will report back 😀

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Well, this is going to be a no-reason to exist thread and yet I know people will still be bumping for no good reason. So, see ya real soon in the other threads. I'm hitting "Unwatch" and isolating myself! :)


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1. I’m guessing you didn’t read my post(s) above 😢

2. 3/4 cup chilled coffee, 1/3 cup chilled black tea, 2oz bourbon, 1/4 milk (your choice, I used coconut almond mixture), 3 TBS chocolate syrup (use less or more depending upon sweetness desire), topped with whipped cream, served over crushed ice
Oh I read it, but I've never heard of the drink or even of them selling that! It sounds delicious.
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