News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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It's 7 of us. I hope I am able to get all of us on there. I know as long as you have everyone in app you should be good, but still...

Got BGs on 3 different days last week with a party of 9. Technically the group size doesn't matter (Select All helps) it's just getting everyone out of bed in the morning that's the challenge! We were down to 4 by the last day! ;)


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I'm so excited for them, but it looks like it's been at 61 for quite some time now. More down time?

Unfortunately, no groups have been called since 61, which was called just after 12:30pm. If it holds up to recent downtime patterns, they should hopefully start calling again soon.

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This has me worried a little bit with the size of my family.
We were at WDW last week and went to the Studios on Tuesday 02/18. we had a group of 12 and got boarding pass 79. Chose select all for the group and everyone was set. Ended up with a late afternoon call back. Great ride! Note: we were at the park at 6 am for an 8 am opening. On Thursday 02/20 2 of our party left POP at 7 am on the bus, through the gate by 7:40 am, got a 51 boarding pass. As long as you are scanned in at the ticket booth and set to go a minute before 8 am you have as good of chance to score a good boarding pass as the person who gets there 2 or 3 hours before opening.


Parks are more crowded than the crowd calendars predicted. One example.


It seems like there's always something going on now. Cheerleading competition one week, a race another week, a random holiday that kids have off school the next week. It's truly non stop.
True. Our daughter was there 2 weeks ago with her high school cheer squad. Add in the opening of ROTR and the events; February is busier I guess. My wife and I will be there starting this Saturday so well ADD to the crowds :)
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