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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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May the 4th be with you all :happy:

As Sean Connery once said..



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Kind of wondering if Disney will use this recipe for their bantha milk drink:
1-1/2 cups whole milk
1 tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla
blue food gel dye
They've had Blue Milk for SW Weekends in the past and I believe it was berry flavored (which I think is extremely lazy and inauthentic). Personally, I've always imagined it to be rich-flavored, like french vanilla or cheesecake, so this recipe is as good as any, I suppose.


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On the blue (milk)....they would be wise to not use milk period. Go with the same color but make it something else. When it comes to sales and pushing a product guess what isn't at the top of the list? Milk. They need something to rival (snickers) butter beer. I mean I could drink that stuff all vacation. It needs to be whole heartedly unique and one of a kind. No corner cutting for this one or nobody will forget it....after everyone forgets it.


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You are probably pretty accurate with that estimation. Seeing California's go up seems so much more exciting than watching this one becuase they started earlier. Yes, the lands will be very similar, but it's like California's is stealing the spotlight some how.
What's makes the DLR building site is the detailed videos showing us the progress.

Brian Swan

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This all-inclusive, 2-night immersive resort experience at Walt Disney World would include:

  • The opportunity to experience a 2-day story set in the the Star Wars universe
  • Be surrounded in a continuous, story-driven entertainment experience as it unfolds over the course of the 2-night stay
  • Have personal interactions with Star Wars characters 8i live performers throughout the starship (experience the story or simply observe the action according to personal preference)
  • Engage in the story with programs such as flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions (both on the starship and throughout the Star Wars themed planet)
While staying aboard an all-inclusive luxury “starship” at Walt Disney World, guests will stay in luxury accommodations offering:

  • All meals during your stay: buffet breakfasts, lunches, & signature evening dining
  • Featured entertainment & dinner shows
  • Exclusive park admission to the Star Wars themed land at the Walt Disney World Resort (a new land opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019)
  • Star Wars starship amenities including pool area & water garden, fitness area, on-board cantina, and robotic droid Butlers
As of right now, the experience would be priced at roughly $900 to $1000 per guest.

So basically, in summary, the experience would include…

  • 2 nights in an immersive luxury resort that looks and feels like a starwars space craft (set check-in and check-out dates so everyone is immersed on the same “story” timeline)
  • Room(s) that accommodate(s) up to 4 people, with an interactive “view” (galaxy or pool/atrium)
  • Every meal from checking-in on day 1 to check-out on day 3 (5 meals total, including 2 buffet breakfasts, 1 lunch. and 2 signature dinners with evening entertainment)
  • 1 day of Walt Disney World theme park admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to visit Star Wars-themed land on day 2
  • sStory-driven entertainment that unfolds over the course of your stay (including live character chance encounters, and the opportunity to watch or enage in the story through things like personalized secret missions, flight training, starship exploration, and lightsaber training)
Guessing at some numbers based on "kind of equivalent" WDW experiences (deluxe room rates, CM breakfasts and lunches, signature dinners, 1-day admission, and "special" live entertainment and interactivity) I'm guessing the "value" of this package is close to $1500. For a solo traveler, it's actually a "good deal". Sadly, even if adding just a second person, the "value" drops considerably, and for a family of 4 it's crazy expensive. But I bet it's sold out within a week...

Brian Swan

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The name has more to do with the theme of the ride and almost nothing to do with the theme of the building facade. The name will not be changing.
In DCA, the theming is nearly perfect as it is a part of a much larger "amusement park" midway. In WDW the theming has always been "it's a cool ride, lets build a clone in FL".

Brian Swan

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The real issue is how are you going to be able to leave the hotel after the park closes? The other hotels of this nature are attached to the theme park, offering the ability to exit to a non-theme park area. If it's in the actual park, that option goes away and I don't see that going over well with guests at all.
I'm confused as to why this seems to be a "problem". The CG at DLR has an entrance diectly into DCA, as well as several entrances from "public" spaces. They could easily have a controlled gate between the park and the hotel, yet still have a way for guests to enter/exit after park hours; in fact they would HAVE to for check-in and check-out. And with all-inclusive packages, I don't see too many people saying that they would rather go to Ohana for dinner...


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Not sure if this has been discussed, but does anyone know how different DLR and WDW's SWL will be? I know the rides are the same, but is the whole layout nearly identical? Any variation?

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