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Just heard Stacey ‘must do Disney’ has come to an end at the Disney resorts televisions.
I’m gonna miss having her on in the back round upon arrival.
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I loved Stacey but... She's getting old...
Last time I turned it on gone were the days of her pigtail braids and cute little outfit and instead she had straight long hair and a duster sweater on. She was in full on mom has to look like the adult to take the kids to soccer practice attire. Plus she was in a studio half the time like her body couldn't handle running around the parks anymore.
I did still love hearing her energetic and happy voice though. It made me feel like I was ready to take on the day.
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Julliard must have found out, and threatened to revoke her degree. She was a graduate of Julliard in, I think, dance. Julliard is VERY hard to get into, and she must be very talented. Somehow that always struck me funny when I'd see her perkiness on the resort TV. I'll miss her.


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Stacey's gone! Dag nab it....parking fees, FP taken away, no EMH...but Stacey's the last straw. lol. Seriously though, it was always fun to turn the tv on and have her in the background. I feel like I did the day they ditched walter cronkite as the narrator on spaceship earth. So will they still have the same attractions hghlights channel with someone else?


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The Must Do's with Stacey have been gone since November 2020, and the new program that they have replaced it with is boring but updated. Just got back yesterday from a stay at the Pop, the new program had a narrator that doesn't speak with much enthusiasm but it was nice to see something with updated images.


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Before everyone starts accusing me of being “sexist”, I LOVED watching Stacey on the Must-Do’s…my family always accused me of having a “thing” for her…I loved her perkiness and always psyched up my nights for the next day…IF they hire someone else to refilm a new must do’s, I know it won’t happen, but Molly from All Ears would be PERFECT for the “gig”…she knows the world like the back of her hand, she was also employed by the mouse as a tour guide…Molly, are you listening? Get that resume in NOW!!!

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