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Spontaneous trip possible anymore?


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I live within a days drive of the parks, so our normal way of traveling to the parks used to be more spontaneous. Last week we decided to go to Magic Kindom for the day only to discover it was all booked for the rest of the month. We considered going in July, but with a small child we decided to hold off due to the heat. Is it possible to have a spontaneous trip anymore, or will I need to start planning for a trip in the distant future?


My Last Trip was in 2018
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If you temper your expectations and are willing to substitute another park for MK, especially Epcot, you can still go spontaneously and have a good time.

Check the calendar for June and July...

If it's got to be MK, then you're better off planning at least a month or so ahead unless you're AP holders.
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It all depends on how Disney is going froward to increase guest numbers and if the park days must be reserved policy will be kept in place. In case you dont want to disappoint the child, I'd say act as if you have to pre plan.
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I would like to be optimistic that the perfect storm of the 50th, COVID ending and revenge travel will eventually end and the days of being able to be spontaneous will return a little more. Right now however, at least a month out is about as spontaneous as you can get for MK.
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