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splash mountain rethemeing closure?


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Pretty sure I heard that Splash is being re-themed for sure. Has this begun or is there a target date for it to be shut down? Also...if it isn't shut down is it reasonable to expect the ride to be open in early december figuring 75-80 degree weather?

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Disney announced it would be rethemed but gave no information on a closure date or expected completion date.
If I'm being honest I don't think Disney even knew this retheme was coming until they announced it.
There's no reason to think it will be closed in December. Its usual maintenance (if we can call it that since it never seems to fix the issues) is January-March.
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I saw on a YouTube video there were scrims around Splash as of last week. Is this the annual cleaning or are they now redoing it completely.
Wasn't Disney banking on the Tokyo remodel paying for part of the WDW remodel (at least in tech development)? My understanding is that Tokyo rejected the proposed remodel of Splash per stuff in the news and rumors threads and that WDW Splash changes would not begin before late 2022.
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I would assume it's maintenance time, it closed around this time last year. With the 50th anniversary coming up I wouldn't be surprised if they kept it as it is until after some crowds died down, unless they really can turn it around so quickly to have the new theme up and running by October. That's just my speculation, though.
My assumption is that they're working on animatronics and other decor offsite for distancing and capacity reasons. I could see them doing as much as they can before closing the ride down to push them all in and do whatever they couldn't before.
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Da Bird is Da Word

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Not trying to stir up debate, but I hope Disney ends up just scrapping the remodel altogether...I at least hope to ride it one more time before they change it. Hopefully we'll get some kind of closure date well in advance if nothing else.
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