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Splash Mountain re-theme announced

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Done with Disney. I will never be setting foot on the property again.


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Read the thread. Frontierland is already not all "The Frontier" including Song of the South.
I'm pretty sure the general public has deemed anything where the music style resembles strings on a guitar-looking instrument as "Frontier" enough for Frontierland.

There is a gray area between "Frontier" and "Adventure" when it comes to Ukeleles though. :)


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0 = the amount of times prior to coming on this forum I Associated Splash Mountain with a film I’d never even heard of.

Splash sits in the elite of theme park rides, and my personal favourite so this has hit me hard. I feel like you can’t critique the decision without being branded though and that’s unfortunate as this retheme will ultimately change nothing, it’s up to governments across the globe, not for Disney to retheme a very loosely tied ride.
Of course they will disappear... they offend the masses.

As a side note: Most of Disney movies have something offensive to somebody. What a weak move by Disney. I love the Rincess and Frog movie and the songs in it. They should build a new attraction for it. And as I have always said, I think every movie should have something(show, ride, restaurant, bathroom-lol, etc.)representing it at WDW.
All of the old rides will disappear eventually. Those old movies and rides don't represent the current generation. The parks are a business, not a museum. They will eventually change all the old rides to recent movies of the last 10 years to attract a new generation of visitors. Enjoy the current rides and take many pictures, because they all will be gone. This is part of life.


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repugnant and despicable
You know me quite well then!

Joking aside, no classic Disney fan (which a lot of these imagineers are) were excited for that change. I was far from the first person to make that repugnant joke. You should see the like to dislike ratio on that video. Here it is if you don’t believe me:



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I would like to see a total name change to the attraction. I do not want to see something like Splash Mountain: Tiana's Riverboat Adventure. I'd be far more content with dropping Splash Mountain and calling it Tiana's Riverboat Adventure.
Down the Bayou makes sense bc of the "down" part lol. Maybe Down the Bayou with Tiana & Friends or something.


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With controversial changes, they typically leave some small detail from the previous ride to appease the fans and for the social media people to Instagram. But largely I would expect there to be no trace of it.
So I guess we can expect to see a picture of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox handing the deed of the laughing place and the briar patch over to Princess Tiana...
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