Splash Mountain re-theme announced

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Honestly, I feel like this is a kneejerk reaction. How many people actually knew of or saw Song of the South when they were signing these petitions? How many of these people have actually rode Splash Mountain or been to Disney World/Disneyland in general? With the way things are right now, I feel like Disney said "we're not fighting this" and went along with it. I give it the next 5 years and all of history will be re-written.


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Well, the saying is, 'Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.' It’s happening before our eyes. What’s funny is the same side who started last time and starting it again. I’m afraid to say what happens because it just might happen.
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Rainbow wouldn't surprise me at this point. In reality, all I know is they have a numbered system for problematic attractions and scenes... the all white finale on IASW received a 3 out of a 4 for needing modification.
I am guessing they’d just add more African American dolls to the scene and adjust the color of some of the doll’s skin? I’m hoping IASW survives ultimate replacement since it is basically my favorite attraction (as I mentioned a bit earlier in this thread)


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I don't see how it wasn't. Sure, Disney knew of these problems before, but they didn't choose to spend the money to fix it until it became a public issue. I don't believe for a second that they were planning this re-theme for months now. The timing is too perfect. I believe Disney said that to attempt to keep politics out if it as much as they could.

There are no problems🤦‍♂️. There have never been problems. Nobody ever believed there was a problem with Splash Mountain until some guy on twitter decided there was one. This is ludicrous.


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I really understand the conflicting sentiment inside many people in regards to this change. But, the closest I can come to explaining why I find Splash to be different is this. China is not inherently problematic. Germany is not inherently problematic. The Disney version of Sleeping Beauty is not inherently problematic. All have a couple of details that could be deemed problematic (In the grand scheme of things). Song of the South is very inherently problematic.

I'm not saying that everyone against this change is racist. In fact, i'd say that is very untrue. Nostalgia is strong factor at play here that I am trying very hard not to forget. However, if you can't see some of the problematic portrayals, then you are in a position of privilege that enables you not to see it. I've ridden Splash Mountain with a variety of people, of a variety of backgrounds. Almost universally, once Brer Rabbit started talking in the African-American vernacular, most cringed.

It really wouldn't be hard to argue that the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty is inherently problematic, as are pretty much all of the "princess" movies. In all of them, women are basically objects who have to be "saved" by men. Look at Beauty and the Beast - Belle falls in love with her captor? Come on, those movies are all tremendously sexist. But the reality is they are just products of their times. I'm a feminist to the core but I can still go to WDW and enjoy the castle, 7DMT, etc.., recognizing that these attractions are products of their times.


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Can I just say I find the glee you take in Splash Mountain fans despair somewhat hurtful?


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Yeah! Minorities shouldn't have any say on what is and isn't offensive!



The fact of the matter is most people (of any and all races) do not have a problem with Splash Mountain as it currently exists. All you have to do is read these message boards to see that.

I myself am a minority, although I am not African American. I know my experiences do not necessarily equate to what it's like to be Black in America. Still, I have experienced prejudice and discrimination COUNTLESS times, but I don't go around demanding every inch of society that is offensive to me be changed to make me feel better. This is a classic example of people being overly sensitive and political correctness.
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