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Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland


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Its funny on paper you’d think WDW has the short end of the stick with this but look how they ve fared recently. GOTG: takes over TOT here but they keep theirs AND get a new GOTG coaster (2 with TRON ) while the last coaster we got at DLR was in 2001, 1979 if we re talking Disneyland. Then you have GE which didn’t go into their Castle Park. And now well now I wouldn’t be surprised if PatF happens here but not there.
They did lose The Great Movie Ride, which I didn't care for but was nonetheless an opening day attraction and an icon of the park. Universe of Energy, which closed the same day, had an iconic dinosaur sequence if nothing else, and both GMR and UOE, even if you hated them or were indifferent as I was, represented a level of ambition in scale and capacity that really never made it into any of the other parks. Most of what made Epcot special has been removed over a longer period of time well beyond this decade, and is being replaced by character schlock that is nonetheless being celebrated by far too many people on the WDW side of the forum simply because something new is finally coming; most recently, they lost Illuminations, a dated but iconic show, to be replaced by a show in which people around the world react to Disney music or some such nonsense. Before GE Hollywood Studios was a complete joke of a park that lost its purpose long before Disney deigned to do anything about it. WDW has fared better recent term, but long term they have lost more iconic material than DLR has, IMO.

Yeah this movie was partially responsible for shutting down hand-drawn animation at Disney. I’m not sure how long the instagrammable moments will last once the new ride smell wears off

As others have said, the timing of the original release affected its box office take and in the decade prior Disney had released nothing but flops. Subsequently many have discovered it and loved it. I feel like it's on track to be viewed the same way by younger generations the way my generation views Mulan; it underperformed at the box office but EVERYONE my age knows and loves it.
Not sure why they go with that gaudy color on the pavement at WDW.
Clearly someone thought it was a good idea because it carried over to Tokyo Disneyland as well, where it still exists in all of the original areas of that park too. Cost savings? Misguided late 60s/70s aesthetics?
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I agree that what makes a theme park are the lands. This is why the whole notion of the studio park doesn’t really work beyond Universal Studios Hollywood because you just have a jumbled assortment of attractions.

I do think you are confusing setting and theme a bit, which happens far too often. This is why Splash Mountain could be changed to be more Western for the Magic Kingdom, because while Song of the South is set in Georgia and the original written tales come from Georgia as well, the Br’er Rabbit stories themselves are not specific to Georgia.

itts not a contradiction. It’s a play on typology.

Technically they already did an attraction. Fox Studios Backlot in Australia featured the Thea Award winning Titanic: The Experience. Guests would be sorted into First Class and Third Class passengers for differing experiences with the Third Class passengers ultimately meeting their demise.

So what would you say the theme of the Princess and the Frog attraction will be?


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I love rides that end in death.

The park didn’t have the capacity to lose by closing ToT, and the backlash would’ve been worse than it was in CA.

Well MMRR is an addition at DL. Also the GotG coaster building is ugly.

Yea but MMRR isn’t open yet. It might be ugly but so is GOTG:MB

George Lucas on a Bench

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Unpopular opinion but I actually like the look of Mission Breakout much better than the former ToT.

*ducks and runs*

I like it too, but I concede that it looks bad in DCA. The architecture and larger icons, I guess, of DCA with all its warts and alterations still are reflective of the overarching theme of the park, which is California. Even the Cars area, which apparently isn't even set in California evokes the feel of the desert.

GOTG, on the other hand, is a big alien space tower. They don't have those in California last I checked.


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So good ol Jim Hill speaks about the Splash Mountain re theme on his podcast today.

Here are some of the highlights (or lowlights)...

- Princess Tiana and Naveen will not be frogs and only be seen at the beginning (How do you do) and end (Zip-a-dee-doo-day scenes)

- Louis is driving the story. The majority of the ride from How Do you do through Laughing Place will be Louis chasing his trumpet that he drops in the flume / water.

- They will honor some of Splash Mountain vignettes like Brer Bear stuck in the honey for example with Louis stuck in prickles (?)

-Blacklit scenes during Laughing Place will now be Ray and the other fireflies.

-Burrows Lament through first lift hill will be “friends on the other side” with projections on the tunnel and Dr Facilers shadow where Brer Fox’s shadow is now

-Mama Odie will be at top of lift hill and waves her magic wand to stop Dr. Facilier. The Blast of magic is what sends riders down the hill

-You will be surrounded by cranes who sing “Dig a little Deeper” in the drop tunnel.

-Zip a dee dopo dah finale takes place on the New Orleans waterfront with fireworks going off and Louis reunited with his trumpet.

-One last gag where Brer Fox and Brer Bear are being bit by the gator in Splash... Louis loses his trumpet again (4 feet later) and is frantically looking for it but unbeknownst to him it’s on his head. Hahahahahahh 🙄

- flume layout stays the same

- PatF wouldn’t open until 2024/2025

- Disney would like to do some Splash is going away fan events and sell limited edition merch. (Look how smart they are - they timed their announcement to get the virtue signaling points but never really mentioned that they find the ride problematic which opens the door for plenty of limited edition merch and fan events)

- Splash might close in 2022 after WDW 50th anniversary. (Not sure if this applies to DL as well)

-Disneylands version will at least lose 40 of the animatronics or more.

Some of my thoughts- Not sure why this overlay would take 2+ years? Happy to hear it’s critter based and not Tiana focused and that they are doing that 1:1 overlay I was talking about by honoring some of the vignettes and keeping the flow of the ride the same like with the blacklit laughing place and tense moments during lift hill.
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Ok so everyone who reads “Jim Hill“ at the top of my post and doesn’t like what he has to say better skip over the entire post I just wrote and not reap any of the benefits of me writing it.

Didn’t feel the need to write the mandatory Jim Hill/ take this with a grain of salt disclaimer because that goes without saying for any rumor.
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Wait did Jim Hill say Brer Fox and Bear are making an actual appearance or is it a tribute to that scene with a different set of characters?

No I wasn’t clear - it would be Louis there now******** @@@@@@ &&&&&&

***** if the rumor is true

@@@@ if the rumor is currently true and actually comes to fruition and doesn’t change by 2025.

&&&&& if we make it to 2025 and COVID19 doesn’t kill us all.


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The ambiguity of an attraction's IP helps it remain timeless and last decades.

Imagine if they had themed Space Mountain after 'The Black Hole' or something. I guarantee you it wouldn't have lasted this long.

Pirates of the Caribbean is now forever forced on live action Disney films from the 2000's- while popular this will date the ride far quicker than if they had left Johnny Depp out of it, and now with Redd in the live action films the ride is going to be forced to change even further.

Splash Mountain has always functioned independently from its source material- and this helped the attraction feel timeless and helped it resonate with 30 years of park guests.

As far as I'm concerned the best IP attractions in Disneyland are Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Splash Mountain and they feature the most obscure IPs in a major attraction at the park. Disney theme parks shouldn't be about IPs, they should be about timeless themed experiences. Regardless of if anyone recognized the characters, Splash Mountain would be just as relevant in 100 years as it was the year it opened, since it stands on its own.

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