Splash mountain and AK


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Heres an idea,

Last year when we went to DW,it was our first time trying
out AK,I really didnt think i was going to like it but I did
but thats a different story,anayway,the day we were going
to The Disney M.G.M Studios,we first parked at the Magic Kingdom
(if you only have A PARK HOPPER TICKET)then we hopped to
M.G.M,and it then again began to rain,we were still on our
way to AK,on the bus it was raining hard,but when we got there it barely stop,so it was wet,well the lines were short,and
it wasnt hot so that was perfect.Well here's my point.If you
have a park hopper ticket,and your planning on that day giong
to AK,well park at the Magic Kingdom(since it closes the latest)
then go to M.G.M,and last make your way to AK(the lines will be
a lot shorter)then after all that closes go back to MK and ride the
rides you probably miss the days before.(plan on a full day at
TMK,and possibly EPCOT)
For SPL Mt. get there early and ride,snag a fastpass,wait till 30
mins before park closes or while its raining just a little(and if they
Allow it) Ride it then


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Or you could always drive to Animal Kingdom, then drive across to the Magic Kingdom when you're done.

You won't have to pay for parking again, just show your parking pass from AK.
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