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Specialty Disney Fireworks Cruises?


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My husband asked if I like to go to back to Disney for our 40th wedding anniversary .... answer is YES!! It will be our 11th trip. It is not till 2022 so I have a long time to plan, 474 days..but who is counting.
I like to know information on the Specialty Disney Fireworks Cruises, the Magic Kingdom one. I see that you receive a bag snack and drinks, but I like to have a little more for this special occasion. Will I be able to order a charcuterie board [Fruit and Cheese platter] and from where? If you have any more info I would be so thankful for any help. I am not sure where to post this question so if you need to move it please do.


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I did the fireworks cruise for my DW’s 50th birthday and was able to order special items. Not sure if it’s done this way now but when I had called Disney to book they told me what they offered and asked if I wanted any other items.

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