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Spam Emails Ugh!!!


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Good morning y'all.

I am soooooo tired of getting spam emails. Not like a plethora of store or other type of emails to be trusted that are merely annoying. I mean spam, like they're clearly attempting to take advantage of you i.e. Steal identity, steal money, infiltrate your device, etc. They are so annoying and beginning to show up in my regular mailbox, not even the spam folder always.
I never ever open them or entertain them. I just delete them. However, I am wondering if anyone knows of a power I can forward them to or do something with them to notify an authority of them and the perps and their game can be investigated and eliminated. Or what can be done to prevent them in the first place.

My credit card company has an email address customers can forward phishing emails to so they can be investigated so I'm wondering if there is anything like this for everything else...thanks.

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