Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely


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It’s as if those in charge of the company and Parks didn’t/don’t really understand the parks at all. 🤔 And their idea of “subtle” involves a jackhammer.

The most ironic thing is the one "EPCOT Center" thing they really have learned from is how to plaster corporate synergy, branding and content across the attractions. It just happens to be in house - and much more jackhammery.


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Sooo…with Remy having arrived, and Guardians’ arrival being imminent, when do we think this remodel will be started up again?
I doubt you will see it until post 40th anniversary. They are still tied up doing whatever they are doing in the middle, and I doubt they would take the main weenie away from the park during an anniversary.


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There have been recent efforts to improve what we currently have, so I presume you are correct.

Is the true overhaul on the shelf and they are just going to extend this version’s life a little longer by giving it some love via maintenance? Or is there still hope for a full-on refurb?


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Really hope Space Mountain goes down once Tron opens...and Spaceship Earth's track needs love as well....
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I can honestly say I've not had many issues with Outlook over the past 20+ years I've used it.
It's probably been 10 years since I had to deal with the Outlook application. There were things I liked, but it got really burdened and slow after a year or two of accumulated email. Archiving was the solution, but then it was hard to retrieve/refer/search old emails when needed. Perhaps Outlook is different now... unlike Spaceship Earth. ;)


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Project Tomorrow still stands. This indicates the Spaceship Earth is likely to be officially cancelled because of Chapek’s budget cuts. The ride is in desperate need of that update. The old track system won’t last for this long.

Am I right that they tore down the previous Communicore buildings only to rebuild them?

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