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I was just wonding can someone plese make a receraction of space moutain form disneyworld for rct3? If someone can do this can you send the tracks to my emall address thanks for your time. If no one can send me the space moutain tracks form disneyworld I will look on the inrenet to find the tracks for rct3. If I can'nt find the tracks form disneyworlds space mouatin for rct3 can someone tell me where to look for the space moutian tracks form disneyworld? thanks for your time to read this topic.


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about your question

i have made space mountain before on rollercoaster tycoon 3 before and i find it is very quite effective.

what i did was build the rollercoaster track first, added the entrance.then i built a building around the rollercoaster with the walls and then added space themed objects around the building.

i used the launch type rollercoaster for the track of my redesign of disneys space mountain.:)


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if thats your "creation" i must say...

............................... :eek: :eek: :eek:

that was "OUTSTANDING" and so AWESOME. Is there a file so i can download it? :lookaroun


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The question I want to know though is if anyone has maintained to make the accurate outside of Spacemountain yet in RCT3?

I can't because I don't have a computer that can run the game but I did work on the idea in RCT2. I don't have a pic of the last version of Space Mountain I did but I do have a nice pic of the first I did for RCT2. (As in I did it a bunch in RCT1).

SpaceMountain RCT2 Pic

My later versions included better scenery used for the walls and some other difty stuff.

But after I get a new computer and find out the mods the person in the video used, I promise, I could make a Space Mountain like no other. One of such grandness that everybody will be dissapointed.

But anyway, the advice I say to use is to first find the exact shape of the circular base of the mountain using MS paint. Afterwards, copy that shape down with a specific type of ground. Then find ths size of the middle circle and make another design using that. Next, make more rings of different types of terrain. Now build the ceiling using probably the 2/3 slope terrain or steeper (but not at a 45 degree angle). I would also add 1 white block and 1 black under each slope.

Once the exterior is done, fill in any white on the inside with black. After that, make the plans to how the coaster is. The version I prefer has a launch tunnel that is hidden in the side of the mountain. (so part of 1 side goes down all the way). Also, you can choose if the station is in or out of the mountain. I prefer outside so the track design has room the breathe. The WDW and DL versions have their stations inside the mountian. If you are to redo those, make sure you measure the height of each drop and other stuff and translate it to RCT3.

The special effects from the video are from a mod. I want that mod (especially the stars).

Of course, when I find a new scenery creator, I will probably end up making large scenery objects used to create the cone of the mountain with ease. But that wont be until I am in college.


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that space mountain was fantastic.
it had awesome affects. i wonder how long it took to build.
how did he get them effects and the darkness in the room?


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i hope there is a file to download it because it was absolutely fantastic.
it had some awesome effects in it.
but how did he get the room so dark so the effect would work?

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