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Space Mountain Stars


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Didn't pre-2009 SM have a lot more effects? I think the queue also had a lot less lighting, which I definitely preferred. That purple-ish neon thing they got going on, IMHO, takes away from the ride slightly.


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I was there for Marathon Weekend and I, too, thought there were far more stars. It looked great. Braking still right before that last drop, but I guess we need to stay safe. Haha.

And that was about 2 weeks ago.


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We noticed this too this past weekend! The added lights and projections made for a much more "wow" effect when you got to the top of the lift hill. It was a great change.

In other news, the air in the queue tunnel was unbelievably hot and stale, like there was hardly any air circulating in at all... and this was a cool Sunday evening. It was closest I've ever felt to feeling claustrophobic in a Disney park queue, where we really felt that we were stuck in a dark room with hundreds of other people. Has anyone else experienced this lately? I didn't know if it was normal... I was actually concerned that someone in the queue might pass out or have an anxiety attack.


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I’m the same, maybe that’s why I’m always so sore after...cause I’m ducking the whole time.
There is no need to duck... I have ridden with my hands up. There are some parts that if I stretch out with just the right rimming I can sometime hits certain parts, but they off to the sides, not above head.

HiYa Pal

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I have a very tall torso, and I’ve always been scared since I first rode it, my friend in the front row turned around and took a flash photo at one point and you could see the frames, and I now duck every time I’m on it, haha


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The chocolate chip cookie projections have an interesting history. For about a decade they were un-modified projections of the delicious dessert. People didn't seem to notice and cookie sales throughout the resort sky rocketed thanks, in large part to what many have called the most successful subliminal marketing campaign in history. However, the ill fated Edwards dessert contract of 1983 led to lemon meringue pies being projected onto the SM ceiling. Much to the surprise of all involved, the lemon meringue pies didn't resemble meteoroids enough to have the marketing impact of the by now beloved cookies. After that, the desire to project un-modified desserts onto the SM ceiling went away. However, lovers of the original chocolate chip cookie projection still occupied important positions in the SM projection hierarchy. Thus, we wind up with meteoroids that resemble cookies.

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