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Space Mountain Funny Book


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It's been a long time since I've more than glanced at a comic, but I notice this odd trend where words in talk balloons seem to be boldfaced at random. "I'm trying to answer the message from mission control, but it says the address is invalid." It almost implies there's a glossary in the back... :)


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I'm glad it hasn't become a tv series or movie. This is a far stretch as it is. I first thought this was a joke but it isn't. What's next a Jungle Cruise comic?


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Think about it..If everything was still stuck in late 80's early 90's I'm pretty sure we would have seen this on Disney Afternoon or Disney's One Saturday Morning..At that time you can throw anything Disney related and they will somehow make a cartoon series out of it...A Jack Sparrow cartoon would've worked around that time..
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