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News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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It did open a little after 5:30 am. At first only the check availability button was live, kept going to none available. Then suddenly turned on.
We were able to get a reservation for Sat Oct 23, at 3. My screenshot of the reservation is timed at 5:35.
I was moving so fast I got flustered and forgot to click the “I agree” button so I made myself take a second to make sure I even had the correct day!
All of that with no coffee was a bad idea.


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I wish I checked at 5:30. Oh well. I was able to get a dinner for a day during our trip, but we’ll have to move things around. I saw several other options but I got errors when I tried to book them. I’ll keep trying. Maybe things will open up a bit once people finalize their plans.


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I'm really hoping to eat here for my November trip. My reservation window open up on this Wednesday for my trip.

Side note, my trip is a split stay with two resort reservations. Will I be able to book all my dining for both resort stays or will I have to wait for when the second reservation window would open which would be Friday?


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I don’t think an outrage is in order for something going live 9 minutes before an approximate time.


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In the Parks


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I too am in the camp of "New To Me knowledge". Wonder how recent that change is.
Thanks for posting Castlecake, that is great info to know going forward (assuming that the policy is not changed again).
You’re welcome :) Been a month or so at least, I found the info when helping my sister book dining for her trip.

here’s link in case anyone wants it


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How hard is it for something to just go live at a time where pretty much everyone is awake, like 12 noon? Also how hard is it to come up with technology (surely it exists) to have something go live at the exact time you want it to, and not some arbitrary time like 9 minutes early? Surely a multi-billion dollar company could figure something like this out.


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My issue is moreover that their system sucks, as always. I had several times show up this morning. All led to an error message. So obnoxious.
Not discrediting your frustration, but is it possibly because someone else is clicking the time you want the same moment you are and then it becomes luck of the draw? Still annoying especially before coffee

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