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Southwest fans...come here


Well-Known Member
Go to the Southwest website now! Huge 72 hour sale for flights! Chicago to Orlando is now $99 one way! Last week these flights were about 250-one way!!!

Most cities have this deal with flights going for as low as $49, 79, 99, 129!!!

Why o why does it have to be rent week :( I can't purchase but figure I would pass the info off to those that could! Good luck!

Just got the email as well. Chicago and Indy is $99 - amazing. But it misses my August dates. But I may book a placeholder for Orlando in fall - this rate is too good.


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Checked the "Sale" price for CMH-MCO for 11/15 11:45 departure. The "sale" fare was still $257. Last night it dropped to $130. Still at $130 this morning.


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Just canceled and re-booked my November flights to/from Orlando out of Akron-Canton. Originally booked for $158 each way, today they were $139 each way. $38 credit for me...it's not much but it's something. :)

The best fares I ever got were something like $99 going to Orlando and $109 coming back last September, so this is close but not quite there yet.


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Glad I'm not the only one seeing insane prices for Nov. Would cost over $500 right now to fly from Newark to MCO.

Praying fares go down soon.

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