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Soundstage 1 Behind Walls!


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For anyone who is not up to speed on this, it is strongly rumored that this will be a third track for TSMM. Permit for the work was filed last September...

545 Stage Lane - Project 3 - Soundstage 1 Renovation
The question still remains whether this will use the entire building or whether part of it will be available for other uses (e.g. perhaps a new M&G area). After all, we are just talking about 1 track compared to the two in the similarly sized soundstage next door.


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Why is disney (most likely) going to waste more money on a NEW track! I read some where it really wouldn't increase capacity due to the loading system


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Typical Disney.. An attraction that's "suffering" from low capacity is "fixed" by adding a third track instead of adding a new outstanding ride... Same goes for Soarin'.
Why can't we have both? Increasing capacity to TSMM and Soarin' is perfectly reasonable given the demand for those rides and the parks' attendance. You can increase their capacity and add new rides (which, at least for DHS, does seem like it will be happening) -- it shouldn't have to be either/or.
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