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Song of the South

Nice article. I agree it need to be released. I remember seing it as a kid and would love to own a copy, but can't afford the prices on E-Bay. :(


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It is unfortunate, but I very much doubt it will be released here in the US. It just isn't "politically correct". If they changed the name of Dixie Landings because of PC considerations, "Song of the South" doesn't stand too much of a chance. I was surprised they felt the cartoon portions safe enough to use in Splash Moutain...


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This whole PC thing is such bull. I don't thin Song of the South is racist or inapropriate, it is historically correct. It is set in a time period, and it respnds to that period's customs and caracteristics. It's the same point of view as Pirates and Jugle Cruise. They think that, by banning references, everyone will forget of the past.

I heard recently that Cartoon Network will no longer air Speedy Gonzales cartoons because it's now considered stereotypical and offensive. :hurl: Alongside with that, Pecos Bill was edited and he no longer smokes. But it still is ok for kids to watch blood and people beating the living bejeezus out of eachother in stuff like Dragonball Z.

I hope someday Disney will see what a mistake this is and release this great movie in DVD for the future generations. I'm glad to say we still have showings of that in open TV here in Brazil, and I'm lucky enough to have taped it the last time it was on.


I've never seen it....but I think that it's the same thing as Huck Finn, the world thought Dickens was racist because Jim was stereotypically slave-like... but I think Song of the South tells a story, in a disney-esque manner that deals with a tough subject quite well. It's easier to explain to grandkids through a film like that then just a text book...


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The odd thing about that link was that it came from (of all places) an ad in the latest issue of "America's Civil War" magazine! The "dickens" you say :lol:


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I agree that the ymovie only shows how people thought and acted during the time. I just reciently finished a semester of reading William Faulkner and Erskine Caldwell books, each about the poor south during the civil war and the depression. So many times people in the south wanted to ban their books, bc it represented so many negative things of the south. But unfortunatly, from several testimonals, their books were right on. So many people are having to be PC today (I go to the Uni of Illinois, where our symbol is under constant attact), and i fell that is has gone really too far.

Short people are not short, they are vertically challenged, btw. ;)

*stepping off soap box*


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There is a solution. They could release a special edition DVD in region 2 like the new Sleeping Beauty one and you could have it sent over. "political correctness" is no big deal over here DLP still has the chase and the new Yorkie advert is a prime example.


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You know the weird thing? At the Briar Patch (Splash Mountain Store) in WDW, they sell the Uncle Remus Books! That's a bit odd, considering Song of the South is considered politically incorrect, and it's "Disney-Tized" but the books I think are the originals, probably filled with what some people call "politically incorrect".


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Originally posted by Firebird
There is a solution. They could release a special edition DVD in region 2 like the new Sleeping Beauty one and you could have it sent over. "political correctness" is no big deal over here DLP still has the chase and the new Yorkie advert is a prime example.

Yorkie - It's not for girls!

Political correctness has gone too far in mamy cases nowadays though. It's got to stop somewhere.

To quote calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) - I no longer wish to be known as a 'boy'. I find that term derogatory. I wish to be known as a 'chromosomally advantaged youth!' :lol:


I actually have that book. But I have the whole collection of Uncle Remus. They were gathered by the same author as the on sold at Briar Patch. Here are the books "The Tales of Uncle Remus", "More Tales of Uncle Remus", "Further Tales of Uncle Remus", and "The last Tales of Uncle Remus". I havent read it yet but I will sometime this summer. The Briar Patch only sells "The Tales of Uncle Remus"


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My grandson got a chance to see song of the South ...he just turned six and he loves the story that Uncle Remus tells....he asked if there were more movie's with Uncle Remus.......It's sad to think most kids will miss out on these stories...because of P.C.:brick:


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After I rode Splash Mountain I wanted to see SOTS so bad. And then I found out you can only get it for a rip off price on EBAY. So the only way I can see it if I stumble across one at a yard sale. I love Brair Rabbit.

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