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someone convince me re: garden grill


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right now we have an ADR for the garden grill on our arrival night. we're not married to the idea of going to epcot on our first night, but i can't decide whether or not to bother with a sit down at epcot during food & wine. we haven't been to garden grill since... ergh, 2007? 2008? is it worth going again? and is it spinning?


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We went in January and the food was just okay at best, very bland! We love the characters and the wait staff was friendly and prompt but I don't think we will be going back again. Sorry if this makes it harder to decide! No matter what you decide have a great trip!


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We ate there on our last trip and really enjoyed it. The food was delicious and I loved the fact that every time I looked up from my plate the scenery changed.

I know it stopped rotating earlier this year but as far as im aware it's operational again. I certainly hope it stays that way as we've got an ADR there for Nov.


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It was rotating when we were there in June. We really enjoyed the food and the character interaction was fantastic! We saw each character multiple times and they were interacting with each other as well as us! We certainly plan to go back during our next trip!


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Haven't been since 2008 and I really do not recall anything there being "pretty good". I have recently heard good things about it but I can live without it.


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Personally, I like it, the food is pretty good, not great, but I find a Character Meal a fun way to start off a trip.


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Did you go to F&W last year? From what I've seen a lot of the menus are quite similar to last year's. You could just find out what's new and try those things and still go to GG.


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We thought it had the best character interaction of five character meals we had during our visit. The food was good and we left full and content. If you're going for the characters and scenery then I'd say it is a must. If you are going for the food, then there are better choices in Epcot. Have a magical trip!!!!!!!!!


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The Garden Grill is good and a nice restaurant but I would much rather eat and drink my way through the food and wine festival but that is just MHO.


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Went with the family a few years ago. The food was good but we really enjoyed the vegetables the most. I would go again in a heartbeat.
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