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Solo traveler from fla. heading to the World June 17-20


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Imma dude who just likes to go with flow when in Disney..
like disney springs as its an easy walk to my DS hotel..

love the boardwalk at either sunrise or sundown. or anytime inbetween..

planning on spending a full day in Animal Kingdom, then the studios and epcot..

any like mind souls visiting at the time and want to hang out...

just leave a message at the beep...

i once scored a free trip on the DCL by answering such a thread..
No, not offering any such thing here..:cool:

and im not embarrased by posting this:confused:


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So you're not offering a free trip? Boo!

Welcome to the forums! :)


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I wish we could meet up with you but we're going in Dec cause my I'm from the south and even I'M scared of FL in June. Hope you have fun though!


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sunday evening , ill most likely finish out the day in the springs..like to have a coupla beers at raglan road
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