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Social distanced Fantasmic coming by February.


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OK Maybe I'm the only one shocked but what does DHS has going for them this year besides TOT Beacon Of Magic??

They could bring back the hub shows there - Galactic Spectacular or Wonderful World of Animation/Movie Magic. Insiders have said that transportation issues is the main reason those things are not returning soon (concerns about transportation being taxed with crowds for the MK and Epcot shows in July). Perhaps if they feel more comfortable with transportation at some point later this year, they might bring that stuff back even if F! is not running.


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The same statement stands, for the Studios, the expectation is that Galaxy's Edge and Railway will sustain the park regardless of the lack of entertainment offerings. Big cost saving for the company, but obviously not good for the guests.
Yep, this is all about cost savings and no "need" for entertainment from Disney's perspective. DHS will do just fine without it. The only issue would be if the new entertainment offerings at other parks end up pulling too many folks from DHS.


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Right before reading this article, I commented to a Disney fan in my office, "I'm surprised they didn't announce the Oct 1 return of Fantasmic with the other 50th anniversary announcements" --
Now, it makes sense.

This seems entirely credible to me. It also means we can expect AK and DHS to be largely ghost-towns at night for the rest of the year (compared to MK and Epcot).

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