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Soarin' Over The Years

Discussion in 'Imagineer' started by spacemt354, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. spacemt354

    spacemt354 Chili's

    Jun 18, 2012
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    Thank you to @Pionmycake for this idea and suggestion!

    With a lot of new energy and contributions to the Imagineer Forum over the last few months, some new members want to learn more and see many of the best imagineer projects over the years. Similar to the Raiders of the Lost Art thread - this will be a place where anyone can post their favorite projects from competitions, open-brainstorming threads, or individual contributions.

    The main goal is to have a place where people (new members especially) can catch up with all of the best projects we tend to reference, and perhaps be an outlet for the armchair-imagineers who actually did the projects to offer some commentary on the work that went into them, what they did to push the envelope, etc.

    I'll post some of my favorites below - and others are welcome to do so as well!
  2. spacemt354

    spacemt354 Chili's Original Poster

    Jun 18, 2012
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    To kick it off -- This was from Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 3 done by @MonorailRed @Flippin'Flounder @Matt7187 and myself

    Some reasons why I love this...

    - @MonorailRed did gif art for this -- which was the first time that was done in a competition (it was also the first time we worked together on a project)
    - I tried to do blueprints to make it seem realistic -- also tried a theme song but it was last minute and not the best, but we tried something new:p
    - We also included a ton of easter eggs, and even had a works cited section haha

    This was also my full competition project on the forums...so it's something I will hold dear.


    Challenge 1 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Connection
    At the inception of the competition, the first challenge asks the Imagineering teams to design a new attraction based on the Muppets for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The prompt also asked the teams to ensure that the project reflects the core of the Muppets. For Team Goofy, the core of the Muppets is their comedy, which is included but not limited to burlesque and self-referential humor. Furthermore, the creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson, should also be considered the core of the Muppets. Honored posthumously in the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame in 1991, and as a Disney Legend in 2011, Henson’s comedic talents will be given a special spot in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which will include one of his last works, Muppet*Vision 3D. Our attraction and our project as a whole attempts to enshrine these two essential components of the Muppets into a unique and family-friendly environment.

    Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2017…

    Jim Henson’s Muppet Land
    Photo 1 - Jim Henson's Muppet Land Concept Art
    An area once occupied by The Magic of Disney Animation, this themed land will energize the Muppet franchise as a whole, and give it the spotlight it justly deserves. Within the land, there will be a D-zone for relaxation, a table-service restaurant called Pete's Luncheonette, and a Fraggle Rock Water Play Area for small children. Since there's a slated Fraggle Rock movie to come in the next few years, the Jim Henson Company has now given theme park rights to the Fraggles to The Walt Disney Company, hence why we utlized them in the water play area.

    The land will also include a new home for the nostalgic Muppet*Vision 3D. To honor Jim Henson and to cherish one of his final works (he passed away before the show was finished) we decided to relocate the theater show, along with a dedicated plaque to Jim Henson in honor of his memory. Details on its location can be seen in Photo 3. Furthermore, the land will include some much needed greenery and aquatic features, such as trees and fountains respectively.

    We chose this area specifically due to the rumored Pixar and Star Wars expansions set to occur at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Since Muppet*Vision 3D was situated within the area of potential expansion, we decided to uproot and travel to a different part of Disney's Hollywood Studios in order to not impede those expansion plans. You can see our planned location and overall blueprint below:

    Photo 2 - Location of Jim Henson's Muppet Land

    Photo 3 - Blueprint of Jim Henson's Muppet Land Layout

    While these additions will add depth and character to the environment, the main event is our high capacity, trackless dark ride. We chose to create a family dark ride for three reasons. One was due to the lack of rides in Disney's Hollywood Studios (with the Backlot Tour closing, there are now only 5 "rides". The second was due to the lack of family rides in the park as well. The third reason was because if theoretically this opened in 2017, Disney's Hollywood Studios would be a construction zone on the south side if things go as planned. In order to keep people in the park, you need to give them something to ride as a family, and something that has a high hourly capacity. We figured a family dark ride with high capacity would be in the best interest of the park as a whole. With that said, we are pleased to present our new Muppet attraction for Disney's Hollywood Studios...

    "The Muppeteers"

    The Muppeteers Theme Song - An original score composed by Team Goofy

    Synopsis: When the Muppets decide to design a theme park attraction themselves, they must first have it approved by a Walt Disney Imagineering board member. Join Kermit, Fozzie, and the rest of the Muppets to experience the hilarity that ensues when the Muppets are the "imagineers," or better yet, the "Muppeteers."


    Photo 4 - The Muppeteers Attraction Blueprint
    We illustrate the infrastructure of our attraction and the metric distances it encompasses. By entering the Stand-by line, guests can enter an interactive queue environment (described in detail below). If they enter via the FastPass+ line, they enter a series of switchbacks and up a set of stairs before meshing with the Stand-By before entering the Pre-Show. Once the Pre-Show is complete, guests board their ride vehicles and proceed through 12 eclectic scenes. Multiple emergency exits are depicted throughout the blueprint as well as a maintenance spur for the ride vehicles seen in the bottom left hand corner.

    Photo 5 - The Muppeteers Facade Concept Art
    A sketch of the outside aesthetic of the attraction building. The facade was inspired the architecture of the Jim Henson Company Lot in Hollywood, California.

    Photo 6 - The Muppeteers Ride Vehicle Concept Art
    The animated concept art for our ride vehicle inspired by the Muppet Mobile Lab. It seats 5 comfortably. As seen in the image, the ride vehicle will be designed to sway through turns and sudden movements (not as drastically or quickly as in the image) but enough to give an added visceral experience to the attraction. As mentioned before, The Muppeteers will be a trackless dark ride utilizing a ride system complete with 32 AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) which will rely on Local Positioning Systems to navigate around the scenes.

    Because the attraction is on two levels, an emergency magnetic breaking system between the vehicles and the track will be installed at the base of the descent from Level 2 (L2) to (L1). Commonly knows as an Eddy Current magnetic breaking system, we organize this through the installation and interaction between a non-magnetic metal, and a magnetic field.

    The bottom portion of our ride vehicle is made of aluminum, a non-magnetic (non-ferrous) metal. When it reacts with the magnetic field at the base of the decline, electromagnetic induction occurs, which causes a force opposing the motion of the vehicle, initiating the breaking phenomenon. The kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted to thermal energy and thus decreases the speed before entering the upcoming scene.

    Photo 7 - The Muppeteers Load/Unload Blueprint
    This image elicits more detail regarding the Load/Unload procedures. The attraction is on 2 levels (L1 and L2) Guests Load and Unload on L2. Once they are unloaded, they can proceed to an exit ramp which will take them to L1 and the gift shop. Or for handicapped needs there is an elevator to take guests down to L1.

    Interactive "Queue"
    Photo 8 - Muppeteer Buzzer Concept Art
    For guests entering the Stand-By line for The Muppeteers, there are a variety of options to choose from to make the wait more enjoyable. Guests are given a pager and an approximate wait-time before entering the pre-show. While waiting, guests are free to explore the rest of Jim Henson's Muppet Land. Among the options will be the Muppeteers D-Zone (located as soon as guests walk through the Stand-By entrance. This area will provide air conditioning, charging ports for the adults, and an opportunity to gaze at the history of the Muppets, as all Muppet movie posters and shows are described on the walls. Kids can also explore the Fraggle Rock water play area for hot days. Roaming throughout Muppets Land, guests can enjoy Dr. Honeydew and Beaker at the Muppet Mobile Labs (at selected times). Additionally, the guests can shop at the "Most Wanted" Gift Shop, or time-permitting, watch the 3D spectacle, starring the Muppets themselves, Muppet*Vision3D.


    (As guests walk in to the Pre-Show area, they enter a smaller holding area with a large projection screen in front of the guests. They stand and watch the screen in front of them. )

    Kermit: Welcome to the Muppeteers Lab! Today we will present what we’ve been working on for you folks. We’ve done TV shows and movies, but we’ve never done a theme park ride, so we decided to switch focus and land a spot with the best and brightest theme park out there. But…um...unfortunately, we had to settle for here. Nevertheless, today you will all be the first to experience the first Muppet-made theme park attraction in history.

    *Camera pans to the other Muppets working*

    Kermit: We have worked countless hours to ensure that this incorporates the best a theme park attraction has to offer, but in order for to open, we need a Walt Disney Imagineer board member to come and approve it. You may recognize him from an old hit TV show-

    Gonzo: *behind the curtain* “Heh basically like us...”

    Kermit: Please welcome Jerry Seinfeld!

    *Jerry is pushed out on stage by Animal*

    Animal - “Ha ha ha No soup for you! No soup for you! ha ha ha”

    *to the right of the audience*

    Statler: Who’s this guy?

    Waldorf: “Is that Matthew Perry?”

    Statler: “Can’t be, that guy doesn’t look like he has any ‘Friends’” *both laugh*

    Jerry: “That’s great, I’m being insulted by old puppets”

    Waldorf: “You look familiar, what job did you have?”

    Jerry: I was a comedian...

    Statler: That's not so funny

    Jerry: I didn't tell a joke yet

    Waldorf: No you're the joke *both laugh*

    Jerry *to Kermit* Gosh are they always this cruel?

    *Fozzie enters stage left*

    Fozzie: “Tweet for Jerry Seinfeld! Tweet for Jerry Seinfeld! Are you Jerry Seinfeld?”

    Jerry: Yes, I am

    Fozzie: “Tweet for you…*hands him a tweeting bird*

    Jerry: “Very nice, nice joke, alright”

    *Gonzo approaches stage left*

    Gonzo: “...Hello, Jerry”

    Jerry: “…Hello…Gonzo”

    Gonzo: So Mr. Seinfeld are you going to green light our attraction?

    Jerry: How can I? I have not seen it yet

    Fozzie: Did you hear we built levels?

    Jerry: Levels?

    Fozzie: That's right we built levels! Levels, Jerry levels!

    Miss Piggy: And of course I am the star of the show, I came up with a whole scene myself

    Jerry: You didn’t run it past anyone?

    Miss Piggy: Excuse me, but as the star, people run things past me!

    *Kermit enter stage left*

    Kermit: *pushing Jerry out* “Alright thanks again to Mr. Seinfeld thanks for introducing yourself and for keeping us all entertained while we finished up our surprise. Okay first order of business is to…

    Gonzo: “Show you your ride vehicles! Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker have spent a lot of time creating the Muppet-Mover 9000“

    Kermit: Wait, why is it called 9000?

    Dr. Honeydew - “Well, it’s our 9000th try…so this one has to work”

    Beaker: “Meep moop meep meep!”

    Gonzo: “Well I think these people trust us…everyone hands in the air…now flap them…now turn left…now right…

    Kermit: Um, Gonzo, is this a protocol?

    Gonzo: Haha no…I just like watching people do silly stuff”

    Kermit: *under his breath* Hmm…I can see that trust meter dwindling really fast…”

    Dr. Honeydew - Well yes the Muppet-Mover 9000 is quite state of the art if I do say so myself, from the Muppet Control Center we can basically move your vehicles anywhere we want.

    Statler: Heh can you move ours towards the exit? *both laugh*

    Kermit: And how have the trials gone so far?

    Dr. Honeydew - Very successful Kermit, we have 32 vehicles still functioning.

    Kermit: Well how many were there to start?

    Beaker: Meep Meep

    Dr. Honeydew - Well, what he said, around 100.

    Kermit: 100?! What the heck happened to them?

    Dr. Honeydew - It seems that there is sometimes a glitch around the curve, but it will be fine.

    Kermit - "Okay well hopefully they have that sorted out so you can now embark on our attraction - our take on a classic, slow paced, well-thought out ride"

    Fozzie - "Wait - I thought we were creating a show?"

    Gonzo -"I thought we were making a boat ride?"

    Sam -"I thought we were making a tribute to every country named America!?"

    Swedish Chef: Flundy on fundy oh erg a dersh a dern?

    Miss Piggy - "We are still doing my solo scene correct?"

    Kermit - "Wait, no you guys were supposed to come up with a nice and relaxing ride for these folks, what did you do?

    Miss Piggy - Well my scene will surely do that!

    Fozzie - "Don't worry Kermit, this will be fine-"

    Kermit - "No it won't did you all even finish your ideas? You were supposed to be a team. There is no 'i" in team"

    Statler - "Well there is an 'i' in fail." *laughs*

    Fozzie - "There is an 'i' in "nice" and I think this will be great. I mean look how excited everyone is!"

    *Camera pans to the Muppeteer round table with all the Muppets smiling at their varied projects*

    Waldorf - "By the looks of it this attraction may bring down the building"

    Statler - "Well at least my expectations *both laugh*

    Kermit - “Okay everyone, I guess we are ready to proceed…I hope... In a few moments, the doors to your left will open and you will enter your ride vehicles. As you wait, Swedish Chef… can you go over what you “cooked” up for the safety procedures?”

    *Kermit exits stage left*

    Swedish Chef - “Yinga dern she der sheah der. Ying flude lude en ergerded vedered. Boafordy verdered, pefluby waf for de safidy ber to doford. Reforuber to keef ur hends aerms, feefs, and lergs insider the verdered.Ard noo flesf photoforphy.Ferf you ard fenjoy.


    “When you exit the door to your left, you will proceed to your ride vehicle. Once you are on board your ride vehicle, please wait for the safety bar to come down. Remember to keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside of the vehicle. And no flash photography. Thank you and enjoy!”


    *Note - All scenes are performed with physical sets and Audio-Animatronics*
    (Upon entering the ride vehicle, guests are seated and notice a small 15” screen implanted in the middle of the front and rear rows of the vehicle. From this screen, guests can observe the Muppet mission control center for the attraction – where Kermit and Jerry and a few other Muppets observe Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker managing the vehicles. They check in with your car to see if everyone is okay. The control center also checks in with Statler and Waldorf in their ride vehicle. You see them on the screen seated in their vehicle.)

    Waldorf - This ride reminds me of blue cheese.

    Statler - Why do you say that?

    Waldorf - Because it’s cheap and it stinks.

    Dr. Honeydew - Everybody ready to go?

    Statler - I’m ready to go.

    Waldorf - Yeah, go home! *both laugh*

    Scene 1
    *Dr. Honeydew pulls the restraint bar down onto the guests’ laps and the vehicle presses forward through two opening doors in front of them. The guests then enter a pitch black dark room.*

    Kermit – Guys what is going on?

    Fozzie – Kermit, you said you wanted a dark ride – well here you go!

    Kermit – That’s not what a dark ride means – ugh somebody turn on the lights. Dr Bunsen will crash the vehicle and it will make a loud bang

    Crazy Harry – Did someone say …bang?!

    *As a Muppet turns on the lights, Crazy Harry sets off a blast that pushes the ride vehicle and over a small drop that takes them down to level 1. There is an impromptu homage in this scene to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, as the blast creates a red aura and a bright light around the vehicle as it plunges down.*

    Scene 2
    (Once the ride vehicles are back under control after dropping down, the riders approach some very small sets that are almost difficult to see.)

    Kermit – Why is everything so small?

    Gonzo – This is it’s a small world - I thought that’s what you wanted?

    Jerry – You know this isn’t really looking too great right now

    Kermit – Dr. Honeydew can you get these people out of here, hopefully this ride gets better.

    Dr. Honeydew – Um...there seems to be a problem with the controls, they are going haywire.

    Beaker – Meep moop! Meep Meep moop moop.

    Jerry – What language is that?

    Dr. Honeydew – Erm…I’m losing control!

    *At this point your vehicle starts to swing left and right as Dr. Bunsen jiggles the controls*

    Statler – Hey, what’s going on here?

    Waldorf – What did we do to deserve this?

    Statler – We trusted the Muppets…*both laugh*

    Kermit – Dr. Honeydew aim for that door, just go to the next scene!

    Waldorf – How about just go for the exit? *laughs*

    Scene 3
    (After your vehicle settles down and gains control, you pass into a jungle setting filled with exotic plant-life, and you see three Muppets along the way.)


    Photo 9 - Exotic Jungle Muppets
    Kermit - Ok, Mr. Seinfeld, look out for some exotic animals on our cruise through the jungle.

    *On your right, you see Gonzo, Camilla, and Rizzo behind exotic plants*

    Jerry - Exotic? All I've seen is a mouse, a chicken, and a, uh, turkey?

    Gonzo - A TURKEY? How dare you! For your information, I am a 'whatever.'

    Rizzo - Hey pal, you better watch the way you talk to me, or I'm gonna...

    Kermit - Ok, that's enough. He's a riot, isnt he Jerry?

    Waldorf - He wouldn't know funny if it smacked him in the face! *laughs*

    Kermit - Hey, Dr. Honeydew, where are all of the aminals I asked you to get?

    Dr. Honeydew - Oh, I almost forgot! Thank you Kermit! Unleash the Animals!

    *A mad rush of Animals, not animals, race out and are screaming*

    Kermit - What is Animal doing here?

    Dr. Honeydew - You asked for me to get lots of Animals, so I cloned him 20 times.

    Kermit - You did what!? I asked for animals, like elephants and tigers, not Animals! Get them out of there now!

    *The car jerks around as you start to leave the jungle. The 'Animals' are still causing a ruckus.*

    Scene 4
    (After leaving the jungle, we crash through the wall of a house and encounter some "dinosaurs", or Pepe and Rowlf acting as the Sinclair family from the Henson ABC sitcom Dinosaurs.)

    Kermit - Now what is going on?

    Pepe - It's Dinosaur, Kermit!

    Kermit - What? Why would you recreate the 90's sitcom!? We were supposed to make a ride!

    Rowlf - Gee, sorry boss.

    Kermit - Let's just get out of here. Honeydew, get us out of this house. I'm very sorry Mr. Seinfeld about this. I promise that we wil get back on track with our intended ride!

    *During Kermit's lines, the car starts to back up until it exits the house, and then you turn left to go to another scene*

    Scene 5
    (In front of the vehicles there is an open door and your vehicles stop shaking and thrust forward into the opening – the next room is dark with dimly lit stars and a cardboard cutout of a spaceship dangling from the ceiling by ropes – poorly tuned Star Tunnel music can be heard faintly in the background)


    Photo 10 - Pig in Space
    Kermit – Ugh not another “dark” ride…

    Statler – Will this ride ever get better?

    Waldorf – Ha when pigs fly…*both laugh*

    *Inside the dangling spaceship you see Miss Piggy*

    Statler and Waldorf – Oh!

    Miss Piggy – *singing* here we are, here we are, pigs in space. We’re here to put a smile back, on your face. We’re all in space and we found our place and we wanted to invite the human rac-

    *All of a sudden Miss Piggy is interrupted by a large figure crashing into things below the ship. As the lights switch to the figure, it’s Sweetums*

    Sweetums – Ahh oh no! I was late. I’m in the next scene! Don’t look at me!

    *As he runs away he accidentally crashes into more stuff, which causes the ropes to move and the spaceship to sway and knock into some stars*

    Miss Piggy – No ah, what did you do?! Get out of here!

    Sweetums – Ahh sorry!

    Kermit – Um, just move along Dr. Bunsen.

    *As you’re moving to the next scene you can hear Miss Piggy*

    Miss Piggy – Wait no there’s more to the scene! Wait! Ugh, maybe later…

    Scene 6
    (You will enter a rather spacious cave, with torn up train tracks around you. You suddenly hear giant foot steps from your left and right, and your Yeti's show up, Bobo the Bear on the right, and Sweetums on the left)


    Photo 11 - *Yaking Yetis*
    Bobo & Sweetums - Rawr!

    Kermit - Now what in the world is going on here! Why are there TWO yeti's!?

    Sweetums - Hey I'm supposed to be the Yeti!

    *Bobo and Sweetums argue back and forth*

    Kermit - Enough! Neither of you are supposed to be yetis anyways! We need to get back on track.

    Statler - Track? What track? The one all ripped up? *Old Man Laughter*

    Waldorf - Nah, this whole ride is off the rails *both laugh*

    Kermit - Oh boy. Let's just keep moving, it can't get any worse, right Dr. Honeydew?

    Dr. Honeydew - Well, I wouldn't say that, there are very high chances that it will get much worse.

    *The cars start to move to the next scene*

    Scene 7
    (As you ride in, you see Sam Eagle writing on a scroll, between cardboard cutouts of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Fozzie also leaves Muppet control as he prepares to go do his scene next)


    Photo 12 - Sam's Speech
    Kermit - Okay Sam, you’re on.

    Sam – But my speech isn’t finished yet!

    Kermit - Well we’re here now, just wing it.

    Sam - *Throwing down his scroll* One day, many, many years ago, George Washington fought hard to create this fine nation we-*loud crash as Gonzo accidentally breaks Lincoln in half *

    Kermit – What was that?!

    Jerry – This really isn’t going well Kermit, at this rate your ride will never get approved.

    Gonzo – Sorry Sam, you can continue your speech now.

    Sam – But you destroyed Abe! An Abe divided against himself cannot stand.

    Gonzo - Well maybe if you placed in him against the wall it would look kinda like he's standing?

    Kermit – What are you doing Gonzo?

    Gonzo – I was practicing my patriotism!

    Kermit – You already did your scene, let's just move on...

    Sam – *From behind you* Kermit, where are you going? I’m not done!

    Scene 8
    (As the vehicles turn into the next room, the guests see a poorly designed staged with several stuffed animals and instruments in their hands – Sweetums crashes into the scene via stage right)

    Photo 13 - Swingin' Fozzie Barra
    Sweetums – Oh I’m late...you guys didn’t wait for me!

    *Fozzie comes down from the ceiling in a wooden swing and sings – referencing Sweetums as he stumbles around*

    Fozzie - Well there he goes, he hardly knows, the stuff he’s breaking. I talked to him, but I don’t think, he understood. Oh just forget, about the cost, of all your damage. Kermit, we did all that we could

    Kermit - Ugh…looks like I’m going to have to take over for the finale…

    *Song ends and Fozzie ascends back up*

    Fozzie – Y’all come up and visit sometime, ya hear?

    Statler – My hearing aid fell out, what did that bear say?

    Waldorf – Not much. “Bare”ly anything. *laughs*

    Scene 9
    (Entering the next scene, guests notice the Swedish Chef on a stage with a bunch of talking fruits and vegetables in a shopping cart all singing a song)

    Photo 14 - Swedish Chef and his Veggie Fruits
    Swedish Chef - *singing* Veegee Veegee Fruit Fruit Veegee Veegee Fruit!

    Statler - I simply have to tell you that this scene is making me hungry...

    Waldorf - I don't understand what that man is saying

    Statler - That's probably for the best *both laugh*

    *Your vehicle starts swaying again and the music stops*

    Kermit - Please tell me you have this under control...

    Dr. Honeydew - You have this under control

    Kermit - No! I'm not in control...

    Dr. Honeydew - Well neither am I! Oh no!

    *You vehicle slides into a small transition room containing two different tracks in front of you*

    Scene 10
    (Beaker pulls a level and stops the cars from losing control, but they end up going in two different directions, left or right, to reveal two different finales. The left side is designated Scenes 11-1/12-1 and the right side is designated Scenes 11-2/12-2)

    Scene 11-1
    (After the Muppets regain control of the vehicle, the guests take a turn to the left, and enter an incline. Their vehicle then does a 180 degree turn to face the way they came. Kermit starts talking as we slowly ascend to L2)

    Photo 15 - Rod Beaker

    Scene 12-1
    Kermit - Alright folks, this is the elevator that's gonna take you back to the station. We thank you for coming, and feel free to return any time. So, how did you like the ride, Mr. Seinfeld?

    Jerry - *Shoots a disgusted look at Kermit*

    Waldorf - I would take that as a no, frog. *laughs*

    *Guests make it to floor 2, the exit floor, but they keep going, until they stop at an "unknown" floor, shocking the Muppets*

    Kermit - Wait, where are they going?! They just passed the exit! Honeydew, what's going on?

    Dr. Honeydew - Well Kermit, this is our scene.

    Kermit - What? You didn't have a scene. Wait where's Beaker?

    *A projection of a long, ominous hallway is seen above, with Beaker standing front and center in a Rod Sterling suit and wig.*

    Beaker - Meep mood moo moop, meep meep...

    Jerry - Now what the heck is he saying?

    Dr. Honeydew - It is extremely rude to interrupt someone they are talking...

    Statler - Almost as rude as double dipping!

    Waldorf - Or discriminating against dentists! *laughs*

    Jerry - Ok, Jerry's getting upset now! *Jerry tries to shut the ride down, Dr Honeydew holds him back.*

    Beaker - Boop bop... Beep Boop Boop. Bwa ha boop!

    *You see lightning effects behind Beaker, and you anticipate a drop. You feel a shaking behind you, and hear a loud explosion with a flash of light.*

    Dr Honeydew - Oh dear! I can't control anything everyone brace for the drop I don't know what will happen ahh!.

    *lighting flashes around you and you feel the vehicle shake a tad, but you end up back at the unload dock*

    Dr. Honeydew - Oh...well I always knew that would happen..haha!

    Kermit - Ugh...So, Mr. Seinfeld did we get the green light?

    *All of the Muppets from the ride cram the control center, asking if they got the green light*

    Jerry - Quiet! Well, Kermit, to be totally honest, no. There is no way I can right now, or ever, give you guys a green light.
    Fozzie - Well actually the board said you didn't sign-in at the studio today, so in order to properly give a review, you have to come back again! Waka Waka!

    Jerry - *stares in disgust*

    Kermit - Well folks, thanks again! See you real soon!

    Statler - Ah, best part of the whole ride...

    Waldorf - Yeah, it's over! *both laugh*

    Scene 11 – 2
    (Uncle Deadly is seen sitting on a ledge above the riders as they begin to slowly ascend upward.)

    Uncle Deadly – Hmm yes, yes, I’m supposed to say something menacing here, but I think it’s more menacing if you all find out for yourselves mmm yes…

    Scene 12 – 2
    (As guests ascend slowly up from L1, "Rainbow Connection" is heard being sung by Kermit, who is seated on the left hand side of the vehicle – the tunnel glows like a rainbow as the song plays)

    Kermit - Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and ---

    *Suddenly Fozzie stumbles in and stops the music*

    Fozzie – Kermit, um, slight problem, apparently Beaker was assigned the final scene and never finished it

    *looking at the guests* Kermit - okay so where are these people going?

    Fozzie – To uh…nowhere?

    *Panic ensues and all of the Muppets converge to try and stop the vehicle from ascending. Dr. Bunsen presses a bunch of buttons but nothing works and he accidentally causes a device to blow up in smoke*

    Gonzo – Boy I’ve never seen an attraction be this much of a bomb…

    Crazy Harry – Did someone say bomb?!

    *Crazy Harry sets off another explosive, a loud band occurs and thrusts the vehicle over the edge – everyone screams expecting catastrophe!*

    Fozzie – Wait, what?

    *The guests arrive back at the drop off point*

    Fozzie – Well, I guess we did finish the ride *Fozzie laugh* – Folks, I hope you enjoyed the ride, and clearly we are still in testing mode – so Mr. Seinfeld, with a few little tweaks, would this get approved?

    *Camera pans to Jerry Seinfeld who is covered in smoke and dust from the exploded control room device just stares at the camera*

    Fozzie – Eh I’ll take that as a yes. Thanks everyone, have a great day!

    Kermit – Well that’s just another day at Muppet Headquarters, come back and visit any time, so long everyone.

    Statler - Ah best part of the whole ride...

    Waldorf - Yeah, it's over! *both laugh*

    *Guests disembark on the left side of the vehicle and proceed from L2 down the exit ramp to L1 where they proceed out to the exit and enter the "Most Wanted" Gift Shop, where you can find a variety of Muppet items including clothing, accessories, and novelty items from smaller derivativeproperties such as Fraggle Rock and Dinosaurs. This will act as the new Stage One Company Store and will solve the issue that a Cast Member we spoke to had noticed while working in Disney's Hollywood Studios, which was that guests did not know where the gift shop was when they exited Muppet*Vision 3D. This problem will be resolved as the main attraction exit will lead straight into the gift shop.

    Attraction Statistics
    Ride System – Trackless Dark Ride
    Cost – Approx $110,000,000 USD
    Ride Length – 3 minutes and 45 seconds
    # of Audio-Animatronics - 30
    # of Emergency Exits - 3
    # of Vehicles – 32
    # of Guests per Vehicle – 5
    Hourly Capacity – Approx 2,560 guests
    Height-Restriction – None
    Handicapped-Accessible - Yes
    FastPass+ - Yes

    Other Easter Eggs and Hidden Mickeys
    Pre-Show - As guests are watching the show, Sam the Eagle can be seen in the background with a Mickey Mouse hat on for a brief moment.

    Pre-Show - The inspiration behind having Jerry Seinfeld as a WDI Board member came from a Muppet skit called "Seinfeld Babies" on Muppets Tonight Episode 107.

    Pre-Show - Gonzo says "Hello, Jerry" a famous quote from Jerry's arch enemy on Seinfeld, Newman.

    Pre-Show - A gag throughout the Muppets has been when Fozzie comes up to someone and says that he has a "letter" for them or something of that nature. When the person expects a note, he gives them an actual "letter" (A) and laughs - which is why he hands Jerry a "tweeting" bird.

    Pre-Show - Gonzo says "Levels, Jerry levels!" referencing the "levels bet" from Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 2, "The Pony Remark"

    Scene 3 – Gonzo refers to himself as a “whatever,” which he was classified as in The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

    Scene 5 - The Star Tunnel music is from WDW's Space Mountain Queue

    Scene 5 - Pigs in Space was a popular skit on The Muppet Show (1976-1981)

    Scene 8 - Swingin' Teddi Barra is a character who drops in a swing from the ceiling of the classic Disney attraction, Country Bear Jamboree. She sings Ned Miller's song, "Heart, We Did All That We Could", which Fozzie ad libs.

    Scene 9 - Statler says "I simply have to tell you" which is an opening lyric to the song from Epcot's Kitchen Kabaret, 'Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit'
    Scene 9 - The talking fruits and vegetables made a cameo in The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

    Scenes 1 and 12-2 - Another running gag on the Muppets is Crazy Harry exploding pyrotechnics whenever he hears the word "bang", or anything related to explosions.

    The Gift Shop is named after the film, Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

    The restaurant, Pete's Luncheonette, has ties to not only the Muppets, but Seinfeld as well. Pete's Luncheonette was the only set left over from the Muppets Take Manhattan (1984), and was also where Jerry and George ate in the pilot episode of Seinfeld.

    - Eddy current brake US 6659237 B1

    - Sciretta, Peter., Disney's Hollywood Studios could Undergo $3 Billion Overhaul to Add More Star Wars, Pixar, and Indiana Jones,Slash Films,2 July 2015.

    - Trackless dark ride vehicle, system, and method, US 20130144468A1
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    This one was a lot of fun to help design! Hopefully sometime soon I can get back into a competition, I just don't know how it will work with my schedule these days.
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    There will always be a spot for ya! And yeah this one was a lot of fun!:D
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    You could always try the one sentence comp. Doesn't take a ton of time by still a lot of fun.

    And a really fantastic host this next episode of I do say so myself ;) lol

    Love that Muppet ride btw! So clever and well written!
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    This should be a lot of fun.. :p
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    Is this the challenge I broke out my artwork for a one night only and drew a new entrance to muppets land?? I don't remember.. :(
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    I didn't want to post yours and england's projects out of respect for you two -- but I figured you would do the liberties at some points (maybe offer a bit of commentary on them for the younglings?) :p
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    Hahaha. I can have them online and hosted in the next week or two and do some commentary on them.. Maybe do a live stream :p
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    Haha I've wanted to see the Avengers site but the link doesn't work anymore:(
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    Yes it is that project, it was the Muppets Studio Tour dark ride.
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    I can do that. I have all the files, some where. Either on my next laptop or old. I have a website to host.

    Thank you!!! I think my memory is starting to slip.
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    Btw those websites are massive in terms of pure data. I think they are 4gb in total data.
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    Good gosh
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    Like I said, I'll look into them and see if I can get them all host and prepared for general usage.. The goal will be the end of the month, cause I will probably finish building mywebsite so ppl can see them.
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    As I know many individuals here are huge fans of the game I will post links to not one, not two, but three brainstorming projects for the future of this franchise. While I have only played Kingdom Hearts II, myself, I still thoroughly enjoyed these projects a lot. So here's a trip to 2009! Enjoy!

    Kingdom Hearts III
    Kingdom Hearts IV
    Kingdom Hearts V

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