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So, You Want to be an Imagineer - Season 19 Hype Thread


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Did you give the security guard a fact card on the snapping turtle?
I didn’t have any on hand, unfortunately, but I did do a Steve Irwin-style display of how to properly move them. One of the security guards told me “you’re a real life Steve Irving” and it’s the thought that counts. Those two guards now have a valuable life skill and I was still able to get on my flight so it’s a good day all in all


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In the Parks
The new "Trapped Safari" scene has made its debut at Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise!



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Y’all wanna hear something really on brand for me? I was almost late to my flight at 5 am because some airport security was trying (and failing) to get a snapping turtle out of the road, so I got out and moved it myself
That’s fantastic. 🤣 A story to tell for years to come, I’m sure.


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If there's one thing I wish for disney to release I'd love hq versions of all the screens from Cranium Command. It's odd to me they never did even though the attraction is a cult classic. Maybe licensing agreements with SNL is tricky.
Also honorary question of the day what footage of an attraction would you like disney to publically release? Could be extinct or not extinct.

Tegan pilots a chicken

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It’s time for another installment of TT4!! Yeahhhh, we’re cool enough for abbreviations now!!

Today we’re discussing 90’s live action television!! I wanna know your top four favorite live action shows from the decade of the 90’s! And I’ll be lenient on the rules for ya! So long as the show had at least one complete season originally broadcast between Jan 1, 1990-December 31, 1999, it counts!!

Tegan’s Top 4:

1. Family Double Dare

I have always been obsessed with each format of this pioneer in kids game shows. The concept worked so well, and the show still holds up to this day. My cousins and I once built our own version of the obstacle course and even made slime. The recent reboot starring Liza Koshy with Marc Summers co-hosting was a modernized nostalgia trip.

2. The Secret World of Alex Mack

An often overlooked teen drama about a girl who gets doused with an experimental chemical and subsequently gained superpowers. This along with the X-Men cartoon kickstarted my love for all things related to superheroes.

3. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Sometimes I think this innovative game show became more beloved after it went off the air. It retains a cult like following to this day, and is being rebooted on CW, only this time for adults to play! If you’ve ever wanted to live out your Indiana Jones fantasy while evading traps and temple guards, now is your chance!

4. All That

Can you tell I was a Nickelodeon kid? This sketch comedy show was like SNL for tweens and teens, and launched the careers of Amanda Bynes and Keenan Thompson. The show ran forever, featuring a constantly updated cast and a number of recurring bits. It also spawned two spin-offs; The Amanda Show and Keenan & Kel. Cast members were also frequent panelists on the game show Figure it Out.

So! What are your top four 90’s shows?!


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So! What are your top four 90’s shows?!
Didn't grow up in the era but I have seen a lot of the shows (thanks reruns!) so here's my little list.

4. Dexter's Lab was one of my childhood favorites. I was always super into sci fi stuff and the series of the kid genius managed to captivate me. I can't really say I remember it as well as a lot of the other cartoons I saw as a kid but it holds a good place in my heart.
3. I will also go with All That. It's one of nick's funnier shows and it somehow managed stay the test of time. It's no wonder how this got so many spinoffs (Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, Icarly, etc.)
2. Kenan and Kel is one example of a spinoff that I consider better than it's source. Super funny and timeless (minus I suppose fashion choice). Me and my sister loved the show when TeenNick began it's The Splat program (remember that? nickrewind isn't quite the same). It might be even better than it's spiritual successor Drake and Josh but don't quote me there.
1. Liquid Televison is a semi-obscure MTV show featuring multiple cartoon shorts. It's super fun to watch and makes for a great time. My favorite is one where people go on a roller coaster to hell. If you love animation chances are you'll love this, but it was made for an adult audience in mind. So if you're not at least high school age skip.

D Hulk

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So! What are your top four 90’s shows?!
Hulk will be sticking with live action, since those were Harley’s criteria.


While not specifically a 90s show, its run throughout the decade surely qualifies it. This is easily the greatest game show ever created, with its simple, gimmick-free format, the fun of playing along at home, and of course the inimitable, irreplaceable, genuinely classy Alex Trebek. Rest In Peace!


Yeah, The X-Files doesn’t hold up in this current age of conspiracy theories, and its bungled myth arc makes the show seem a whole lot shakier in retrospect, but this was appointment TV for a young Hulk early in its run. It felt truly transgressive at the time. Taking the spooky vibes of Twin Peaks, which went over Hulk’s head in the 90s, and making it accessible enough to be a generation’s introduction to genre TV. The “monster of the week” episodes still hold up.


An obvious choice, maybe, but there’s a reason it’s so celebrated! Basically every TV comedy since is either a variation on Seinfeld or The Simpsons. This changed the sitcom landscape forever, which previously was mostly a bunch of Horsin’ Around stuff. Redefining comedy to the point where it became the new norm. Screw that Friends reunion; this is the king!

1. MST3K

A TV show which included an entire (awful) feature film in each episode? Brilliant! This riffing format - so tired nowadays thanks to hundreds of amateur YouTube comedians - was simply ingenious at the time. I learned to love terrible cinema thanks to Joel and the bots. Joel, Mike, both were fantastic! Still probably the biggest joke-per-minute ratio of any show ever. Discovering this at midnight on Comedy Central was eye opening.



So! What are your top four 90’s shows?!
4. Hey Arnold!
Unlike some of its other Nick and Cartoon Network shows, I felt Hey Arnold growing up blending the comedy with life lessons in a way that were very memorable.

3. Wheel of Fortune
As a kiddo in the 90s this one was easier than Jeopardy or other trivia games

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
While I didn't start watching it until the mid-2000s on reruns, like Hey Arnold I felt this show blended comedy with real world life lessons but in a way that felt authentic and real rather than forced.

1. Seinfeld
My avatar for years on here was actually George Costanza (I think even the SA3 memory wall has George's picture on there for me). By far the funniest sitcom of all-time, imo. I could watch episodes again and again, still laughing.


Footage of Web Slingers with audio has been posted

Still doesn't fix the multiple issues with the attraction but at least we know what it sounds like now.

(Sorry I'm bitter, I'm mad we lost Tower for such a mediocre/under developed land).
This is pretty bland, it's essentially TSSM but with webshooting?

If there's an E-ticket waiting in the wings I don't get Disney's incentive to open up a land half-finished. This is the same mistake I felt they made with Galaxy's Edge. If it opened with RotR and SR, the latter wouldn't have stood out as much as a 'that's it?' type option. It would be a side story to the main event rather than trying to be the main event.

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