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NateD1226’s Reviews

Team Prospero - The Artist Ride
  • What a great and unique movie choice! I love the movie so I was excited to see you pick it.
  • The locations were great and really added more theme to those lands
  • The ride exterior and queue was great! It really captured the feel of a real movie studio
  • The tech portion was really thought out and unique so nice job with that
  • The scenes were very nicely written. This might just be me but I felt it lacked cohesion. I think better transitions would’ve fixed it.
  • The ride exit was a very nice touch to the project and was a really fun idea.
  • The ride through was very nice and really helped me picture everything even better.
  • The presentation was also really well done. I love the 1920’s look
  • Overall this project was amazing! Just some minor tweaks to ride and it would be perfect!
Creativity: 10/10
Realism: 8.5/10
Detail: 9.5/10
Presentation: 10/10
Group Work: 10/10
Total: 48/50


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I watched the movie after you all chose this IP, after one viewing I was honestly wondering how you were all going to turn this movie about a guy’s internal struggle over his past career. You all on Team Prospero successfully impressed me at turning this into the ride format.

The exterior, queue, and pre show all do a good job at setting up George Valentin’s silent career and Peppy Miller’s rise to stardom. The ride through is very thoroughly detailed and concise. I also love the explanation of all the effects, it really adds to the total presentation. I also really like how the gift shop pushes the story forward by implying that they had a very successful career in future movies.

I do think you all went a bit overboard on having it in THREE Disney parks. While an outside arthouse film IP getting a miniland and a ride would be a bit of a stretch even for one Disney Park would be a stretch but I would’ve excused it. But at this scale there’s almost no way I could see this happening.

Everyone did a spectacular job on this project. The presentation did a great job on invoking silent film intertitles and I appreciate the video ride through and the original images that are scattered throughout.

This was a wonderful project and is a nice closing project for Team Prospero.

DETAIL: 9.5/10
TOTAL: 46.5/50


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@AceAstro @DashHaber @goofyyukyukyuk17 @JokersWild @Outbound

Five Imagineers will enter, but only three will earn their places on the FINAL Team Prospero project of the season and get a chance to plead their cases to the jury in a LIVE question and answer session.

I will unfortunately not be present to follow along because I am currently at work. Best of luck to all five of the semi-finalists and stay tuned for my thoughts on The Artist tomorrow.


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Season 18, Final Project: "Hal...It's About Cats..."

Welcome @goofyyukyukyuk17, @JokersWild, and @Outbound to the FINAL trial of the season. This is a prompt so diabolical, it's bound to make even the most stalwart Armchair Imagineers scratch their heads in confusion. For most of the season, the prompt for the final project was to "design a theme park centered around a single IP". As the weeks went on and the Cats project kept coming up but never coming into fruition, we decided to make the decision on the IP for you. For this project, the final three must design an entire theme park entirely around Cats (2019). This means I don't want any cheating, any sublands with the Cats broadway show/the TS Elliot poems etc. NO, SCREW that noise!

This park, from front to back, must be all about the 2019 disaster that we all know and love to hate. As far as realism is concerned, I'm clearly not looking for that in terms of justifying the IP choice. We all know this is a wacko prompt in the first place that would never happen in reality. Instead I want you to focus realism on the actual technology at place and the use of space within the park. I really want to emphasize different themed areas and using the vivid cast of characters to your full advantage.

Team Prospero will remain together to build ONE final project as an additional twist, instead of every one of the final three designing different projects. Team work has had such a profound influence on the game this season we thought it'd be a shame not to drag Team Prospero all the way down to the finish line. Some time either shortly before or after the project is due, we'll be having a LIVE question and answer podcast with the jury. This is the other main component of your final project and by far the more individual one. It will be in this session where YOU will have the chance to argue the merits of your season-long arc and why you deserve the title of So, You Want to be an Imagineer champion. With a final prompt this unpredictable, it should be a WILD race to the finish! Good luck team. This project is due Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59PM Eastern.


Some study material... 😉

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: War of the Woof!

Dog With a Travel Blog

Pi on my Cake

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Some study material... 😉

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: War of the Woof!

Dog With a Travel Blog
That Dog with a Blog Campground might still be one of the funnest projects I've been a part of lol.


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The Artist Review
This project is really wonderful. To start, I love the way you separated the surroundings of the ride in three very different parks. It's insanely clever while also being something that really adds to the realism of the project in a way that doesn't take anything away from what the project needed to have. The technology piece was simple and yet also felt extremely high tech. I really love the illusion of the ride being a busbar dark ride at first before everything goes all crazy. That said, this is the 3rd or 4th trackless dark ride created in 12 rounds. It really brings down creativity despite making sense.
The ride itself is an incredible experience. You recreated the movie without it turning into a book report. That coupled with the technology explanations really added to the ride. The transformation into color especially is a real stand out moment that makes the buildup all the more worth it.
Overall this is a great project and one you five should all be proud of.
Creativity: 9/10
Realism: 9/10
Detail: 10/10
Presentation: 9/10
Teamwork: 10/10
Total: 47/50

Congratulations to @JokersWild, @goofyyukyukyuk17, and @Outbound for making it to the finals. Best of luck to you all.​


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(Хор х3)

> The creativity in this project was excellent this round. The choice of The Artist as the movie of choice for this round was an excellent one, with it being an interesting yet fitting choice thematically, especially with how it fits into each location, and with how it would theoretically work. I love how each separate location sets the mood and setting through their each own unique ways. I like how each variant sets up each character arc without having to go through too much exposition. The ride itself is very craft fully thought out as well and I love how creative the ride was at standing out. I love how everything is designed after the black and white ages of movies after the main character's past, and I love how creative the technology used throughout the ride was. All of the ride scenes were all so well thought out, and I love how perfectly they conveyed the plot of the film, from the transitions and the technology used in the ride. I love the inclusion of the ride exit, and how it opens up to interactive elements at the end of the ride, and I like how the gift shop is connected to the ride as well. There was clearly a lot of thought put into the creation of the ride, and the amount of creative shown in this ride to create a unique version of the film was excellent!

> The project was also fairly realistic, with how it considered locations into the grand scheme of things, which locations the ride would fit into properly, how the ride would vary between locations exterior wise due to using different amounts of space, and how the ride itself fits into most of those locations trackwise. The ride genuinely does feel like a big name e-ticket addition to the parks with a fairly unique presence due to the movie used being quite unique because it's not something that can be as easily adapted, and the way it manages to tell a story that normally would have trouble being adapted into a theme park attraction due to potential framing/story structure issues and the way it was done. The exterior and queue manages to properly tell a story in a way that does remind me of The Great Movie Ride, while also never feeling crowded or too big in terms of scale in the end. My only problems with the ride really is the exterior sometimes feeling a bit too large for the area that it's placed in and how they would fit in terms of size, and the scale of the project fitting into some of the areas, as well as the believability of The Artist being chosen, even if it was a great decision.

> The amount of detail within this project was astounding! I love how carefully considered each detail in the project was, and how it looked at the big picture as well as the smaller ones. I love how everything has just the right amount of detail so it was easy to imagine while I was reading throughout it, but not to the point that there was too much detail, or that it was to the point that the amount of detail was overstimulating. It also made it very easy to focus compared to if there was too much detail, in which I would have had problems reading through at all. I love how much careful attention to detail was used to make each exterior pop out, and how certain details were used to tell parts of the story that couldn't have been shown via the ride without cluttering the ride with exposition or cutting it out entirely, and how the overall aesthetic of 1920's/1930's black and white movies ties into George's past. The ride wound up doing a perfect job conveying the overarching plot but within a new lens and within a short period of time using a small amount of sets to tell an entire love story. That's seriously impressive! I also love the addition of the What-If-Labs type exit, and how it really feels like a lot of careful attention was paid into the development of this ride.

> The presentation for this project overall was great! Google slides was a simple, yet great and professional looking choice! The color palette used this round was absolutely gorgeous and I love how it blended in with the rest of the promotional material. I loved how neatly everything was organized, starting by focusing on the exterior-based regional variants before heading off to go through the rest of the ride through the order of when each element is introduced in the ride, which made everything very easy to navigate and gradually read through. I also appreciate the amount of models available that demonstrate certain elements of the ride that wouldn't be easy to demontstrate otherwise throughout the text since they helped me understand and visualize things I would've had trouble understanding otherwise. The images placed throughout the slides were also great in setting the mood of the text, to go along with the text, to fill in space, and to also help visualize other elements throughout the presentation. The videos were also a great addition to the presentation, with how they connected with the project and acted as interesting extra additions. Finally, the logo for the project was absolutely stunning and it fits perfectly with the ride in question and all of it's locations.

> The group work that was done throughout this project was excellent and this was one of the best rounds to observe as a judge. Everyone did so well with the brainstorming parts and all of the ideas that were pitched for a potential attraction were excellent, but this idea for sure took the cake for me due to just how unique and original the concept was, and with how creatively it was adapted with the challenges of the adaptation in mind. I can safely say I'm extremely proud with the end result of the project, as it was one of the best this season. I also love how equally the work was distributed between each player and how everyone truly did an amazing job at creating a consistent tone across the project in terms of details and descriptions. This project was so carefully crafted from the very beginning to the very end, and it was ultimately a tough decision to eliminate the players that we did. I can't wait to see what those who passed come up with in the finale for the Cats park!


REALISM - 8.5/10
DETAIL - 10/10
GROUP WORK - 10/10

TOTAL SCORE - 48.5/50


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Hey there, everyone!

Sorry about disappearing on folks. My computer got hit with some bad bugs that messed up bad enough that it needed to get looked at. As a result, I wound up without a computer for a few days, and had trouble logging in on my phone. Sorry if I let anyone down by disappearing for those few days.

In the meantime, can't wait to see what our remaining contestants do with Cats.


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Hey there, everyone!

Sorry about disappearing on folks. My computer got hit with some bad bugs that messed up bad enough that it needed to get looked at. As a result, I wound up without a computer for a few days, and had trouble logging in on my phone. Sorry if I let anyone down by disappearing for those few days.

In the meantime, can't wait to see what our remaining contestants do with Cats.
Glad to hear everything’s okay with you! Although, I think you’ll be disappointed with Cats hahaha

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