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So who else has been watching "Amphibia"?

Magenta Panther

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I bought a couple of episodes last week from Amazon...and I have to say that this little show has potential. It has a kind of "Gravity Falls" vibe. The main character, Anne, is appealing and believable, the frog village has some nice world-building, and the producers have come up with worthy adversaries in the Toads and their infamous Toad Tower knights.

My fave ep so far is Episode 10. In that one, we get another worthy female character in Sasha. I won't say any more, but the series now has two very interesting character arcs and not one, but TWO quests for us to follow and root for. Great series so far. I highly recommend it.


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I have caught a few episodes. It is very fun show and I get a lot of Gravity Falls vibes. I would watch more episodes


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Couldn't get into. The style is similar to that of Gravity Falls but unlike GF this show panders to it's target audience a little too much. Feels very much like a "Disney Junior" show IMO. Granted, I've only watch 3 episodes. IDK, wasn't all that impressed. I'll stick with GF reruns, Star vs and the new Ducktales. The idea of Amphibia is cool but the show itself is a bit too lame and tame.
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