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So what's the verdict on Mears Connect?

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Is it still reliable service like DME was?
I just booked a last minute trip for next week and decided to give it a try.
Give me the good, the bad, the ugly.
It will be 2 adults late flight in and very early flight 0ut.
Carry on luggage only.

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Yes, they are.
It is essentially exactly the same as Magical Express which Mears was contracted by Disney to provide the bus service.
Naturally you don’t have the Disney branding and luggage service, but as far as getting on a bus and getting to your resort it is pretty much the same thing.

As with Magical Express, there will be a few stops at different hotels during the route.
You will have a scheduled time for pick up from your hotel just as before with Magical Express, just not left hanging in your doorknob.
Info will be emailed directly to you.

I used the service this past September and it went very smooth.
If it wasn’t for the fact the buses didn’t have Disney themed paint jobs, I wouldn’t have really noticed the change.

Any specifically questions, feel free to ask.



We usually get a car service to the hotel and take Mears back to the airport.

Last trip in September (day before hurricane hit) we had a 9am flight so 6am pickup from Swan and Dolphin and the driver was right on time. On departure day you’ll also receive a link to track the bus so you‘ll be able to anticipate the arrival of your pickup pretty well.


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I've taken it directions on 2 different trips and found it highly efficient. You can book ahead of time if you want, or just walk up to the desk when you're down there. You can book yourself return trips to the airport even the day before online. And they will send text or email to let you know all the needed data for return along with who your driver should be for pickup. Late at night you may well end up with one of the 10 passenger vans instead of a bus depending on how many others are going to your area at a given time.


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I used Mears before Magical Express and afterward. It does the job nicely and is convenient to book and they make your pickup times to return to MCO as expected or very close. It's an economical way to make it your resort.

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