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Pre-Trip So...I guess I booked a Spring Break trip? UPDATING LIVE-ish

Hello my Disney friends!

I'm Ali (rhymes with Sally)
Here I am with my husband Jim, our daughter Gwen, and our son Ethan at Disneyland back in June 2019


Nobody needs me to tell them what 2020 was like.
We all lived it.

My family and I have been among the lucky ones. We've endured disappointments, cabin fever and cancelled plans, but nothing more serious than that.
Lucky. Seriously.

Among the many things that were cancelled was our Disney vacation. We were planning to spend nine days at WDW and the beach with our two kids and my mother. Obviously, we had to "float" those plans.

When the parks reopened, we were still thinking optimistically, hoping COVID numbers would improve, and tentatively booked Park Pass reservations for the first week of December.
As the months passed, we felt it was more important to enjoy the holiday season with family (we have kept our parents and siblings "in the bubble") than to go on vacation, so once again, we "floated" our plans.
I rebooked our Park Passes for early May, fully prepared to keep floating

Once the holidays were behind us, we decided to get serious about our Disney plans and started looking at flights. Jim quickly nixed my May dates, as he is not in favor of pulling the kids out of school. We are lucky enough to have full-time in person learning available in our school district, so I had to agree with him. One last float.

We decided on March 17 - 25 off-site at Blue Heron Beach Resort

So...I guess I booked a Spring Break trip!
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Just booked Blue Heron and have read some mixed reviews. I don't mind a the outdated part but I do want a clean place.

How was your stay? Would you stay here again?

We booked the two KK Deluxe 2 BR condo with fireworks view (hoping for fireworks in Oct) and couldn't beat the price so hoping for the best!
This was our third stay, and it was perfectly pleasant. It's an independent vibe.
They upgraded to H2O+ bath products which was a nice surprise!
We have stayed in a Deluxe 2 bedroom suite every time, but only caught the fireworks once. The view was pretty distant, and the lights from the mini golf course interfered a bit.


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Another question, did you book thru the resort directly or use Airbnb or another internet site?

We booked our room thru the resort directly. I read that they only own a few of the condos and the others are privately owned.
We have only booked though the resort directly. Are the rates though Airbnb comparable? They usually add so many fees.

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