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Trip Report So I guess Disney thinks Canadians do not celebrate Christmas?? A Max Trip Report- COMPLETED


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A big hello to all my Disney friends:

As the title suggest this is a trip report regarding our recent Christmas adventure at Walt Disney World

Why the title you ask? I will keep you guessing on that one for a few days at least

Details leading up to the departure can be found here:


This is my 6th trip report on these boards so hopefully you have read at least one before

The reason I say that is that my style might not suit all - I can probably sum it up as

1) Shoot from the hip
2) Do not pull punches
3) Definitely not PC
4) Not always PG
5) As much Seinfeld references as @Tuvalu can handle
6) Not too heavy or too light on the Pixie dust -keep it real and call it as I see it

Quick introduction will come from:

Day 1 - Travel Day towards the US but not quite beyond the comfort of home:
Friday Dec 21, 2018

The original plan was to drive from our home in Waterloo Ont Canada to Buffalo NY on Sat Dec 22.
With a 10:35 am fight a same day drive could have worked.

We switched it up to a drive on the day before and booked a hotel in Niagara Falls Canada

(our B&B in Buffalo backed out on us - @Doc Disney can try to explain how she let us down!!!)

So here we are at the Embassy Suites on Friday enjoying our homemade Mickey cookies

Me (Max, Andrew, Clarence) and Tricia

My younger daughter Cassie and Shane (BF)
and my older daughter Stephanie and her fiancé Jordan
and this is all of us at the Falls ( selfies are harder with six people!!!)

This report will chronicle Disney trip 28 for me and lucky(?) 13 to WDW.
It is also 13 to WDW for Tricia
The girls celebrate 10 trips to the world
Trip 2 for Shane (though his memory of the first is limited)


More Day 1 to follow and then off to Buffalo the next day!!!

Welcome aboard, ashore and wherever we are!!!

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Day 1 - Dec 21
Started out from home at noon with a full van (6 people + luggage)
My niece gave us an early Christmas present
He is very flexible and pose able so he came along for the trip
We have no snow at this point ( earlier Dec snow has already gone)
Ready to roll
Embassy suites lobby
Mini Max takes after her Dad



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Day 1 cont’d
The suite had 2 rooms
Papa and Mama lion took the front room queen bed
and the kids took the room with 2 queen beds and view of the falls
This window to the bathroom tub is obviously more applicable to the honeymoon crowd I guess
( no romantic bubble bath looking out to the falls on this night !!)
After settling in we went down to the falls on this beauty


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We have no snow at this point ( earlier Dec snow has already gone)
And you call yourself Canadians?! That’s grass, man!! Your yard is green!! Did you have to mow before you left?!


(My gif keyboard is not working still, I promise I’ll get it to work before the end of this report)

What are you even escaping from?? We had -32 last week and then +4 2 days later which, I believe, is the definition of Canada.

Okay, the view of Niagara Falls gives you a couple 🇨🇦 points

I’m supposed to be having a party at my house in a few minutes but I may just cancel (or just be super rude and be on my phone all night) to keep reading this!!
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