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So Big Thunder storage is on the other side of the tracks...


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Well I learned something new today! After riding the train I noticed how the storage for the trains is on the left side and that a piece of track can be switched to run over the train tracks. I know that most likely this is old news to everyone, but I find this very interesting!

Both Big Thunder and Space Mountain seemed to be having bad days this past Thursday (my last day at WDW). Space Mountain went through a brake and from what I heard the the CM's say to eachother, Big Thunder did something similar. When the one CM was told what happened, he had on one of those "that's not good at all...damn" type looks.

Does anyone have pictures of the transfer track and where it runs over the real train tracks?

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Don't feel bad... I've been going to WDW since I was born and never noticed the switch track for BTMRR until July... I noticed that there were some tracks that ran into the train track and looked over to see a building on the left side...

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